The Democratic Party is the Enemy of Western Civilization

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Harry Reid, and numerous other top Democratic Party senators are endangering our very lives. Listen to them closely and you soon realize that these leading Democrats do not truly believe that our country is fighting a war on terror. Sliming and humiliating President Bush is their primary goal. They seem to care less if our enemies are rewarded for their evil acts placing the lives of our troops in greater risk. Are they intentionally attempting to harm the United States? No, it’s not that. They perceive themselves as loyal citizens. The problem is that these crazed individuals, deep in their guts, believe that their own country is the real threat to world peace. America’s alleged cultural arrogance enrages the radical Muslims who are victims of our earlier imperialism; the “blow back” theory amply explains why Americans are targeted for slaughter.

The Democratic Party is committed to policies which will result in the suicide of the West. It must be said clearly and without hesitation: on a practical level, this national political organization is the enemy of the United States. Should it be completely abandoned? I would not go that far. It is still wise to influence its behavior on a local level. Moreover, there are times when it is far more advantageous to choose an unrelenting war on terror Democrat over a GOP candidate. You can take it for granted, for instance, that I would eagerly vote for a Scoop Jackson over a wishy-washy Republican! My comments are mostly directed towards the every four year struggle for the White House. The Democrats will inevitably pick someone desiring to weaken our resolve. This is now beyond debate. The left wingers possess the veto over the selection process. Unless something drastic occurs in the near future, only a Republican should be the number one leader of our nation. The Democrats must remain on the outside looking in.


markg8 said...

Seeing as this post is about the 2008 presidential election what Republican candidate (or Democratic for that matter) do the regulars here expect to support?

David Thomson said...

I now adamantly support Rudy Giuliani. He is the only one who will not back down on the war on terror. Giuliani clearly understands the mindset of the Islamic nihilism. The man has not been seduced into believing that the so-called imperialistic United States is merely experiencing “blow back.” Giuliani would also not hesitate to slap down any waffling Republicans. He is the only GOP candidate who seems willing to make sure that defeating terrorism remains our foremost priority. I suspect that all the others might get sidetracked and spend an inordinate amount of their time and energies on secondary issues.

Eric Blair said...

Not Bill Frist or John Warner, that's for sure.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

No senator should ever be chosen as President. Being an administrator is an entirely different set of skills from being a logrolling deal-maker.

flenser said...

It's early to make a predction, but as of now I like George Allen.

terrye said...

If the Democrats would grow up and nominate someone like Lieberman I might consider voting for him, but I am leaning toward Giuliani.

I really don't think Frist has the personality for it.

But I think McCain thinks he can get the nomination.

Somehow I just do not see that.

markg8 said...

I don't see either Guiliani or McCain getting the nomination, mostly because the fundy base would defect en masse. The Republican party without them is even worse off than the Democratic party without unions.

Guiliani also suffers from his Kerik affliction. Bernie's in the news again for taking mob money to try and get them NY government contracts while he worked for Rudy.

Frist is a lightweight who looks pretty dismal in his current job and is under SEC investigation.

George Allen? He might be smart to resign his position rather than face Mark Warner in next year's Senate contest. It'd give him time to raise money and get exposure for a prez run and he wouldn't have to risk a defeat that might flatten his future hopes. Don't know enough about him other than he mixes his football metaphors.

We usually elect governors. Any up and comers on the horizon that might be ready in 2008?

flenser said...


"If the Democrats would grow up and nominate someone like Lieberman .."

I think it's more likely that markg8 will vote Republican in '08.

Allen is former governor of Virginia. We might end up with the presidential race being between two former Virginia governors, Allen and Warner.

So markg8, who is the favorite candidate in the Democratic party?

markg8 said...

There is no favorite as far as I know. Kos has run some informal unscientific polls. I'd like to see Edwards get it.
Liked him last year and like him even more now. You won't be surpised to see that Hillary isn't even close to the top at Kos because she's too hawkish and inexplicably supports Rummy's military transformation.

markg8 said...

I'd vote for Hagel before I'd vote for Lieberman.

terrye said...


I figured as much. Lieberman has courage, not your sort.