A Short History of a Long War

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Mudville Gazette is running a series on the Iraq War, from its beginnings in 1990.

Extremely useful; highly recommended.


Buddy Larsen said...

Note that Mudville begins the chronology with Saddam's 1979 takeover of Iraq. This is the year that many folks also date the beginning of Islamofascism's attack on the West--via the unanswered attack on the US Embassy in Teheran. This is the year of the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan. Odd how crappy things seem to get toward the end of a bad president's term (crap's preparation requiring a bit of time). And "time" is that river-like thing that continues to flow downstream when that bad pres is replaced, alas.

Chistopher Hitchens in a recent and very great interview with FoxNew's Major Garrett, places another landmark about a decade later, at the unanswered, roll-over acceptance in the West of the kill-contract put on British citizen Salman Rusdie, for the crime of criticizing the new twist on Islam. Hitchens called it a "direct, frontal attack on the West".