72 to 25, Kerry's Excellent Davos Filibuster Adventure is Defeated

Monday, January 30, 2006
Much like the Excellent Cambodian Adventure, the Excellent Davos Filibuster Adventure goes into the dustbin of History. Another empty gesture that undermines the Senator's feeble attempts to reclaim leadership of the Democrats for the 2008 campaign.

Sad, revealing and, unfortunately, all too typical.


Knucklehead said...


Given the dwindling resources Rick pointed out below we can guess this was never about a filibuster. There's not enough money to go around, this was just a show of hands to see who was willing to sell their soul for what little is left.

Yesterday it was $x/45, today it is $x/25. Simple as that.

Syl said...

Kos is down. The Kidz must be going nuts with frustration.

Rick Ballard said...

Now the fun part begins - how many of the 25 who voted for cloture will vote against confirmation? I still make the final 'Yes' vote at 62-64.

What a weeping and gnashing of teeth will commence now in Lower Koslandia (there is no Upper Koslandia, btw).

markg8 said...

I just logged onto Kos. Maybe you have computer problems syl. A post he put up half an hour ago already has 190 responses. Kerry has just earned himself some new credibility for having the guts to fight for our rights even when he knew he'd lose. Same goes for my new senator Menendez and my old new senator Lautenberg.

Peter UK said...

"Kerry has just earned himself some new credibility for having the guts to fight for our rights even when he knew he'd lose."

All losers together,another £1000 on the other guy please.

Peter UK said...

There is though, an Outer Koslovia, for the real adepts.
I presume from this that Kerry has marginalised himself?

Rick Ballard said...


Check the line at Ladbroke's on the Kean/Menendez race. Menendez just fried his chances with the Italian-Americans in New Jersey. "Boneheaded" doesn't begin to cover this move. Even the typical Dem resurrection vote advantage in NJ won't outweigh the Italian-Americans. Not that they're extraordinarily high on Hispanics to begin with.

I don't believe that Kerry could actually move much farther into the margin. He's about off the page.

vnjagvet said...

Mark, does not know defeat when he sees it.

This was a disaster for the Democrat left, NOW, NARAL, PFAW, and their minions.

Their rhetoric has been unleashed, almost verbatim, on these nominees:

O'Conner, Rhenquist(for CJ), Scalia, Bork, Kennedy, Thomas, Souter, Roberts and now, Alito.

Their score: 1 win, 8 losses, and they have lost 5 in a row.

Commonality -- all Republican appointees.

They will need some new rhetoric or get a lot more Senatorial allies elected.

Syl said...

Typical mark. I say something and he immediately discounts it. KOS WAS down before the vote. Right after the totals were announced I checked and KOS was still down. It came back up just a few minutes later.

I was not the only one who noticed it.

As for Kerry, Mark is the only one who is giving him credit. The Kos Kids see right through him.

Sheesh. What have we done to earn a resident troll who's even worse than the Kos Kids.

markg8 said...

Yeah sure lotta Italian Americans here are gonna love it when Alito the Princeton Republican says it's ok for their employer to gut their retirement plan or make it a crime for Aunt Marie to give a ride to a neighbor girl across the river to New York to get an abortion. Because ya know New Jersey is just like Iraq. LOL

Peter UK said...

"Mark, does not know defeat when he sees it".

That is because he never turns up for the battle.

markg8 said...

Sure syl Kos gets flooded. He even had to put in new servers after Nov. 2004 when he figured attention would tail off. I don't see that heppening here or anywhere else in the right blogosphere.
Having said that I had no trouble getting in.

And sure there's still a lot of buyers' remorse about Kerry, just as there was for Gore. These guys lost to George Bush for crying out loud. I doubt either one of them will be the nominee in
2008 without a drastic makeover and we don't have the repackaging experts Republicans do anyway.

Peter UK said...

"Because ya know New Jersey is just like Iraq. LOL"

Yes the only thing that is missing from Iraq is you Markg8,off you go Mummy's little soldier.

markg8 said...

Still waiting Peety. Won't you tell us why you haven't served?

Peter UK said...

Quite amazing,you post this,"As for Kerry, Mark is the only one who is giving him credit. The Kos Kids see right through him."
and our resident Bedlamite posts this, "And sure there's still a lot of buyers' remorse about Kerry, just as there was for Gore."

Nothing like keeping to the script!

Peter UK said...

But you don't know do you chickenheart?

markg8 said...

Here's the first comment I found about Kerry on that Kos thread. The site is evidently overloaded, that post has 398 comments on it already. None have so far criticized Kerry as far as I've seen but I'm not gonna scroll through them all. There are those who're disappointed in Kos and Reid.

"Well Yeah Some Lied (4.00 / 3)

But let me be one of the first to congratulate...

John Kerry and Ted Kennedy for leading the fight and pouring so much energy into that fight.

We may have lost a battle but we haven't lost the war.

Fight On!"

markg8 said...

I don't know why you haven't served or why you, such an utter fool comments on military matters peety. But I'd like to know.

Peter UK said...

Markg8 I do know why you, such an utter fool comments on military matters,or for that matter anything else,it is simply that you are an ignorant pompous little ass.

Peter UK said...

Anyone notice that Kosism is simply another Cargo Cult?

"Fight on" from Mark the Chickenhearted,Ye Gods!

Rick Ballard said...

"We may have lost a battle but we haven't lost the war."

That's the spirit, Mark! There's nothing quite like continuous disasters and defeat to stiffen the spine. I fully expect to see a battle won by the Dems that will rival Heraclea or Asculum in its significance - and soon!

Peter UK said...

Has anybody seen Markg8 and the former Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed ak-Sahaf together?

Peter UK said...

This I particulary like,"There are those who're disappointed in Kos and Reid", a bit like those who were disappointed in Goebbels and Goering as the T34s of the Siberian troops tore through the suburbs of Berlin."A bit of a disappointment but hey it's not the end of the war".

RogerA said...

God Mark--you are really an idiot--I have served--I got two silver stars, three bronze stars and a purple hear for valor in viet nam--I also spend 25 years in the army and retire with more citations that you could wipe your ass with,
Give me a break on this chickenhawk crap, OK?
my opinions are what they are worth because I have some experience in warfare
it isnt a political thing
If you have anything to offer then bring it on
cite your sources, cite your personal experience or whatever
but give it a break man
stand up for yourself
demonstrate that you have cojones
demonstrate you have done something
but so far what I see is an empty vessel
convince me otherwise, Marky
show my you have cojones
and una cabeza to match

RogerA said...

Oh, and Marky--just noting this is the first anniverary that John Hairful said he was going to release his DD form 180
I will put my DD form 180 on this board tomorrow

you are genuinely an idiot.

RogerA said...

Markey--I have to get my DD from 214 scanned tomorrow--which I will do--the DD 214 is the total record of your military service, with awards and decorations, assignments, schools and whatever--
when that is done it will post it for your edification--now thats a relatively simple task--John Kerry could have done that at any time--he chooses not to--I will leave that for the reader to comment on

and Marky--your credentials are?

Buddy Larsen said...

RogerA--re Purple Heart, wherever you were wounded, it didn't hurt your writing--

Specter said...

geez...marky gets schooled again...

Peter UK said...

Yes and he's such a brave little chocolate soldier.

Eric Blair said...

Marky doesn't have any credentials.

And that affirmative action baby, Menendez, did screw the pooch in NJ.

But Corzine is going is going to gut the state long before anything Alito or Bush will. Just watch. He's going to be another Florio.

markg8 said...

rogera unless you're posting alternatively as peteruk your illustrious service record isn't pertinent to the discussion.

I've posted that I haven't served in the military just as most of the nation hasn't and my reasons for it. That is also immaterial to the discussion.

What is material
is that lil chickenhawk peety who as near as I can tell by his juvenile rantings is still of age to serve in the UK military, vociferously believes in the cause of killing Arabs and Islamic people as he says "just because" but also has not and apparently refuses to serve that cause by actually putting his butt on the line.

He is by definition a chickenhawk willing to let others including those like you do his fighting for him. Until he proves otherwise I will continue to refer to him as chickenhawk.

Got that?

Knucklehead said...


It'll be interesting to see how Corzine packages up his Florio. Doesn't seem much doubt he's gonna do The Florio though.

Peter UK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Peter UK said...

Markg8 is quite happy to impersonate a military man in his zeal fro recruitment.

Alright thanks
By markg8 - Jun 27th, 2005 at 11:56 pm EDT
Sgts. Kraft and Nauta have some explaining to do
tomorrow and if I don't see at least 3 qualifieds
out of them for the weekend there's gonna be hell
to pay. And I'm not talking mall rats here. I want
top notch college GPAs and at least a couple of 6
footers goddamit."

It can be found here

Peter UK said...

"I've posted that I haven't served in the military just as most of the nation hasn't and my reasons for it. That is also immaterial to the discussion."

The ostensible reason was that Mark "Gee Mr Custer I don't wanna go" Garrity, was against the war in Vietnam.
The real reason is that abject cowardice that ony the truly egotistical can attain,

"Please not the face, I look like William Hurt,or was it Chevy Chase,but anyway I sound like George C.Scott impersonating Patton".

So Markg8 started running in 1974,the only rifle he has been near is rifling someones pockets.

"What is material
is that lil chickenhawk peety who as near as I can tell by his juvenile rantings is still of age to serve in the UK military, vociferously believes in the cause of killing Arabs and Islamic people as he says "just because" but also has not and apparently refuses to serve that cause by actually putting his butt on the line".

Now ignoring the fact that I have never called for the "killing Arabs and Islamic people",something that Markg8 does with great frequency,I want only that the Vichy Left do not talk the West into a defeat for domestic political reasons,and to get Iraq back on its feet.

Is it not rich that a fully paid up "Three White Feathers,brown underpanted, solid yellow streaker like Markg8 is demanding people he does not know the first thing about, do the very thing that he was too much of a craven coward to do himself?

Be a man Markg8 not a mannequin,lead from the front,those young kids you keep emailing would be for more impressed if you turned up in uniform,instead of posing on the telephone to recruiters.
Do it Markg8, it is a mans life in the Long Range Sanitary Corps.

markg8 said...

You make my point exquisitely chickenhawk. 6 paragraphs of juvenile "you're a poopy pants" ridicule, 3 paragraphs regurgitating what I've written and exactly one trying to fend off the words you've used. But nothing, not a word that proves a thing I've said is wrong. I rest my case.

Peter UK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Peter UK said...

Markg8 You know you are a coward,I know you are a coward,everyone here knows you are a coward,you simply project this on to others,but it isn't going to go away,the die is cast,you can never live it down,you are to old to make restitution.
So be a good little old man and stop bullying young people for the sins of your youth.
As for everything else,it is merely conjecture on your part,you just don't know..and you never will.

BTW You haven't said what qualifications you have or what you do for a living

terrye said...

People like mark are killing the Democratic party.

I know I voted for a Repbulican for the first time in my life and the age of 52 because the party I had been a part of for so many years had been infested by small minded self loathing little hypocrites who seem to want to make America Sucks their new motto.

I mean really... John Kerry? The billionaire air head who pretended to be a war hero..this is the best they could do? And Dean? Talk about a chicken hawk, the man spent the war in Viet Nam skying.

The Democrats are going to keep losing until they tell these freaks to take a back seat and forget about driving.

Honest to God people like mark are a Godsend to Karl Rove.

Peter UK said...

Are you sure thay those who have taken over your party are actually Democrats? In the UK there was a great deal of "Entryism" by leftists into the old Labour Party.The Trotskyist Militant Tendency would pack local meetings,delay votes until late at night when only activists stayed at meetings,raised endless petty points of order,strongarmed and blaggarded officials until they could take control of the branch.Once they had the chair it was all over.
Sound Familiar?

terrye said...


Sometimes I wonder because once upon a time this silly nonsense would not have been tolerated.

They have people like Evan Bayh, that is who should be speaking for the party. But he is from Indiana, and that is the middle of nowhere to alot of these folks.

In fact there is so much unhappiness with our Republican Governor Mitch Daniels that people have been begging Bayh to come back and run the state. Fat Chance.

At least Bayh is not spooky.

markg8 said...

People like terrye are killing this country. Yes you once stood up for what you believed in, even marched against the Viet Nam War in college.

But 9/11 changed everything for you. You've thrown away your principles and conscience in favor of a president who shreds the constitution and asserts executive powers and secrecy unlike any administration we've seen since Nixon. You've sided with torturers,
kidnappers and yes murderers. You sneer at the evidence that the Republican congress has become a corrupt body not even going through the motions of following it's own rules or a semblence of a democratic republic. You laugh at global warming as some kind of PR plot by NGOs and interest groups to stay in business.

You desperately search the web to find likeminded individuals who will explain it all away for you despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. All you need to know about the environment is what somebody read somewhere in a Michael Crichton novel. All you need to know about Libby, Alito or Abramoff is what John Hinderaker or Eugene Vokolh says about it. All you need to know about Iraq is what the people who have lied about it from the beginning tell you.

The banality of evil is a subtle thing. It overcomes people and they can't even see it. Well some of us see it and we lament for our country. That's what those Democratic senators were upset about yesterday. And if you can't see it you're too far gone.

Peter UK said...

Modern politics seems to be about placating whichever disenchanted group screams the loudest,I suppose it always has,but with improved communication the screamers are there in your face.
It is a mistake to take this course however,because the serially discontented will always find another grievance,if one does not exist they will invent one.
At one time we were not frightened to call a crank a crank.

Buddy Larsen said...

Yeah Terrye, quit reading Hinderacker and Volokh--don't pay any attention to any leaders and thinkers with records of honesty and straight talk. Instead, get your info from the Marks of the world. Get back in line.

Peter UK said...

As the teacher said, "Do you get your history according to Mark or your marks according to history?"

terrye said...

Is mark talkking about me? I refuse to read his crap so I would not know.

Buddy Larsen said...

He wasn't being personal, Terrye--other than using your ex-dem status as 'what's wrong with the country'. Nothing serious--actually a form of compliment, matter of fact.

Luther McLeod said...


You are without doubt, not just a worthless individual, which could imply a somewhat neutral effect, but an individual with absolutely no perspective nor knowledge of history. That makes your presence in this world essentially a negative.

You say you have explained your reasons for not doing service for this country...not on this blog. I once asked you a direct question on exactly what you have done for this country, in any capacity, I received no reply. Your silence bespeaks volumes.

Other that entertainment, I do not know why you are allowed to post here. Your remarks are infantile, condescending and lacking in facts and truthfulness.

In point of fact I should not be allowed to post here as well, I write poorly and offer nothing substantial to the discussion. But I at least try to not make a fool of myself. You, as usual for trolls, seem to preen at the outrageous of your comments. Sometimes you should just STFU, and learn from your betters.

Buddy Larsen said...

Hey-Luther--long time no see. You're wrong, up above, when you disparage your wrting. You got the experience, the openness, the word-flow--and the ring of truth. Besides those items, what much else is there?

markg8 said...

terrye says:
"People like mark are killing the Democratic party."

before she says:
"Is mark talkking about me? I refuse to read his crap so I would not know."

I'm not sending this stuff telepathically so how could you draw a conclusion like the first without doing the second? Am I dealing with 4 year olds or ostriches here?

Oh and Buddy Hindrocket and Volokh are proven wrong so often it isn't even funny. But of course you'd never know that because you don't care to find out the truth.

And that seems to be the trouble with Republicans these days. The truth doesn't matter to you guys as if reality can be avoided or superceded. You really believe that Bush and his boys can create new facts just by saying it and getting it repeated often enough. The problem is they don't work in a vacuum. If you read everything with a little more jaundiced eye and actually checked out competing claims you'd know that. Despite what Cheney says deficits do matter. Iraq isn't on it's way to becoming a democratic capitalist ally of the US. DeLay and many others are very likely to go to prison for very serious crimes. Warrantless intercepts in the United States were outlawed by the FISA statute. Global warming and the end of the oil age are real and serious threats to the planet and the US as the biggest user of petroleum products needs to lead it away from their use as fuel before it ends in irreversible devastating climate change and stupid tragic wars for the last drops.

You guys really have to accept these facts instead of dismissing them as conspiracies propagated by the "looney left" or the "antique media". Follow, lead or get the hell out of the way. You can't do any but the last if you refuse to face facts.

Buddy Larsen said...

Why don't you take your own advice, Mark, and read some of the insights--often posted here--that involve your own camp's point-of-view?

Start by scrolling up to Luther's word "perspective".

Sure, you have some valid data points from time to time--but who wants to join your thru-the-soda-straw vision of the issues facing us all, when we all have learned from sad experience what tunnel-vision policies usually end up doing to the country?

You perpetually concentrate on some result that is either bad or arguable, while ignoring or blatantly mischaracterizing all the other pieces of that picture.

If you were critiquing the Mona Lisa, you'd ignore the smile and find a brushstroke over in the corner somewhere that would "prove" that Leonardo was a no-talent hack--or more likely, that he was a crooked hype-artist ripping off the little guy.

See, you could be right as rain about the brush-stroke, but utterly wrong about Leonardo.

It's just a trick--what you do--and everybody sees through it.

Now, go ahead and accuse me of comparing Bush to Leonardo, and miss the point again in trade for a cheap chuckle.

Luther McLeod said...

Nothing but assertions Mark. I saw not one fact in your little litany of right wing evil. Your Bush/Republican hate leads you to false and inaccurate assumptions about the nature of the world and of the posters on this blog.

The thing is, is that your very comments above can be turned around and focused right back at you. Each one of your negative barbs reflects the manner in which you post at this site.

You accuse those here of being manipulated, brainwashed and of ignoring reality. But it appears that you are the one who has been subjected to those processes.

Help yourself out, give an honest listen to Buddy, your stubbornness may be preventing you from gaining insight into why no one pays any attention to what you say.

BL - thanks for the assurance, but I am a harsh taskmaster on myself.