Gore, the Fear Mongerer

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Gore in his speech on Monday: Fear drives out reason. Fear suppresses the politics of discourse and opens the door to the politics of destruction.

Exactly. And who is the greater fear mongerer here? Bush or Gore? With Bush we get a fear of Islamofascism. With Gore we get a fear of Bush AND a fear of global warming.

" There are scientific warnings now of another onrushing catastrophe. "

Seems to me the environmentalists and their fear-mongering are even worse on the Constitution than Bush eavesdropping on people suspected of terrorist ties. Property rights are going down the tube. Not to mention the havoc signing Kyoto would wreak on our economy.

" The Case of the Invisible Salmon. Viola Allen, a 72-year-old widow in Washington, suffers from emphysema that is worsening because of the damp and mildew in her rapidly-deteriorating home. She cannot sell because activists and the government insist a stream on her land is vital habitat for endangered salmon.

Scientific studies do not support this claim. The state has issued a finding that salmon do not, could not, and never have used this stream. Viola is still blocked from selling
. "

Just who is it that supposedly cares about the 'little guy' again?

The War on Islamofascism puts global warming way down on the list, where it belongs. Gore's entire raison d'etre the last few years goes with it.

No wonder he's hysterical.

Update: I just went over to the Corner at NRO. It's not a place I frequent--too many messages to skip on stem cells and gay marriage. But I'm rendering a Bryce image and decided to fool around while waiting and clicked on a link for something. And guess what? Iain Murray had the same thought I did and even used the same quotes. GMTA or something, though it's not hard to make the connection between Gore and fear mongering. It's just that most reaction had to do with his own claims back then vs now vis-a-vis presidential powers and such.


David Thomson said...

“Just who is it that supposedly cares about the 'little guy' again?”

The ideologically committed leftists never give a damn about the individual. We are all expendable. Only the so-called big picture matters. This is why Stalin and Mao could murder millions and feel no regret. The extreme environmentalist believe that human beings should suffer for damaging the planet. We supposedly deserve everything we get.

Morgan said...

If I could just get a little local warming, I'd be happy.

Remember when Al Gore was supposed to be a wonky, bookish type? That was before his campaign hired someone to teach him how to be an alpha male - an operation that seems to have gone horribly, and permanently, wrong.

Now he's more or less equal parts Fidel Castro, Jesse Jackson, and Eminem.

Doug said...

Remember the little guys living in the squalid hovel on Gore's farm?
The place with the backed up toilet.
...and streams despoiled by tailings, or some such.

Doug said...

Ariana picks Gore over Hillary:
Have you seen the coming attraction trailer for "Democratic Presidential Nomination '08:
Al vs. Hillary" yet?
It just opened yesterday, in the dueling speeches by Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

Doug said...

Full Text Of Al Gore's Speech ...
Ye Gods, how LONG did he blather on?

terrye said...

Syl, it is strange how that happens. I have done the same thing. People sharing thoughts.

Gore is the greater fear monger.

terrye said...


I don't know if that is entirely true. I would say that both sides of the debate are more interested in generalities than individuals. Which side keeps saying there is no right to privacy?

After all some poor old lady who can not breathe would not get help getting her inhaler if it were left to a lot of folks on the right either. She is expendable to some of them too.

BTW I know some folks who bought on old building and were not allowed to tear it down because it had been designated a bat habitat. strange but true.

Peter UK said...

Environmental problems could be solved if,on the 1st April, all environmentalists committed suicide in a neat and orderly fashion.Do it for Gaia Guys!

As for Gore,it is the worst case of Botox poisoning I have seen.

Knucklehead said...

You are absolutely correct, Syl. Idiots like Gore are all about fear mongering. And, as DT pointed out, the Leftists care nothing about people. They care only about disembodied, spiritless, and dreamless "humanity".

Syl said...

Environmentalism as a religion with lawyers suing everything in sight and judges using the commerce clause for the silliest things.

I do appreciate our cleaner water and the fact you can see across the street in Pittsburgh now. Stuff like that.

It's just that nobody knows when to stop!

Syl said...

And environmentalism is BIG money! And these groups have to find a 'cause' to scare people or make them cry to get that moolah...and the scientists applying for grants aren't much better in a lot of cases. Jump on the latest bandwagon and you're set for the next year.

Knucklehead said...

"Movements" eventually become organizations which eventually become money making enterprises. The "labor movement" eventually became organizations for the purpose of "collective bargaining" eventually became unions which have created enterprises which have elaborate systems for extracting money from people.

Environmentalism, the political correctness industry, the protecters of "civil liberties", NGOs, even the UN and the EU are no different nor are political parties which have been in power too long. There is "research" that needs grants, publications to be sold, conference centers to be filled, and speakers to be paid. Junkets must be taken and tables topped with food and beverage suitable to the important "work" being done around them.

markg8 said...

Just looked up CNH's website. They say "there are only 300 acres, or 7 percent, of the area within the current boundaries of the city that remain undeveloped"

They "want the city to turn down the development and buy the land for a passive park. It is estimated to be worth $2.3 million."

"Mayor Tina Roberts said she is aware of the environmental group and its goal, and respects them."

This is a local city planning and open space issue. The kind that plays out every day in town councils across the country.

Read the Gore speech. Do you really think the threat of "islamofacism" is greater than the threat industrial states like Nazi Germany and Japan posed with their huge modern militaries? The Soviet Union and it's thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at us for decades? The British Army marching on and burning Washington? Of course not.

Yet today we are told to believe the threat is so great we must sacrifice our rights, our constitutional seperation of powers and the checks and balances built into our government by the founders to prevent abuse of power. Our system of government, our freedoms are what we're supposed to be selling in the contest of ideas with those who have dreams of imposing a religious theocracy across all of Islam. You can't do that by gutting the very ideals we're trying to sell. You're not fighting for civilization if you're willing to sidestep the laws that make us more civilized than the
torturers and tyrants. Forming a more perfect union is and always has been a work in progress. Bush is taking us backward.

Patrick Henry said "give me liberty or give me death." We need more of that kind of fortitude today. Bin Laden can't destroy this country or what it stands for, only we can do that.

Buddy Larsen said...

I fully agree. Bush was behind 911. It's all perfectly clear.

Morgan said...

"Read the Gore speech"?

The very thought makes my eyes start to roll back in my head. Can't I just pretend it doesn't exist?

Barry Dauphin said...

Following up on Morgan's observation, it's like Naomi Wolf was really a mad scientist. Hired to provide Al with earth tones and alpha-maleness, her experiment ran out of control. He has run amok, ramapging through the lands in search of carbon emissions. Without realizing it though, he spews out more hot air than tailpipes on the LA freeway.

Morgan said...

Imagine there's no AlGore...
It's easy if you try...

Buddy Larsen said...

Well, one never knows *what* a few thousand Dr. Frankensteins will send lumbering forth from the Dem Convention, but the Algore I think is safely wooden-staked, and you probably can pretend he--and his speeches--don't exist.

Morgan said...

...her experiment ran out of control. He has run amok, rampaging through the lands in search of carbon emissions...

No comment, just wanted to see it again in italics so I could chuckle some more.

Seneca the Younger said...

Do you really think the threat of "islamofacism" is greater than the threat industrial states like Nazi Germany and Japan posed with their huge modern militaries? The Soviet Union and it's thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at us for decades? The British Army marching on and burning Washington? Of course not.

Jeez, Mark, try to maintain a grip. No, Islamic fascism isn't a greater threat today than the British marching on Washington in 1814. Nor is it a greater threat than a kilometer scale asteroid strike, a nearby gamma ray burster, a lethal mutation that wipes out the H. sapiens sapiens and lets the H. Neanderthalus win, or invading aliens who have a taste for human tongue.

They sure look like they might be as much of aa threat as the Germans in 1933 or Napolean in 1800.

Wouldn't it have been desirable if we could have handled the threat posed by Hitler and the Nazionalsozialisten before the Anschluss and the invasion of Poland?

Peter UK said...

Or the Bolsheviks in 1916.

markg8 said...

They sure look like they might be as much of aa threat as the Germans in 1933 or Napolean in 1800.

Wouldn't it have been desirable if we could have handled the threat posed by Hitler and the Nazionalsozialisten before the Anschluss and the invasion of Poland?

By illegally spying on Americans or invading Spain to warn German facists of the fate that awaits them? Maybe renaming German chocolate cake "freedom cake". That seems to be the corollary we have with the NSA scandal and Iraq these days.

Buddy Larsen said...

Yep, those "freedom fries" were a sure signal that the building gotterdamerung in the mideast was nothing to worry about.

And, brilliant analogy with Spain. Right, had Saddam toppled himself, then we would've had to.

"Illegal spying on Americans"? Is this the new "No WMD"? The latest zombie-maintenance catch-phrase?

Do you realize that words have actual definitions? If the word "illegal" means whatever anyone might feel like it ought to mean, then what word will we use for the meaning of "illegal"?

What happens when we cheapen meanings and definitions past your preferred stop-point (that is, where you can benefit politically without need for 'truth'), and it keeps on falling--as it will, by the law of momentum--to the point that none can know what anyone is talking about anymore?

What if your current favorite word should, at some point in this civilizational nodal-collapse, get applied to you, Mark? To your being? Won't you wish then that you'd been more careful with this human-defining thing called 'language'?

markg8 said...

Well Buddy if Bush can flount the law what kind of example does that set for the next president? Say President Hillary? Do you want her to be able to spy on the Bush family? We all know how close they are to Saudis. Hell Poppy Bush had business relations with Bin Laden's family.

And let's not forget Dick Cheney. He spent the 90s making speeches advocating dropping sanctions against Iran and Libya and actually got caught doing business with Khadaffi and Saddam. That ought to earn him a permanent spot on the NSA spy list.

Is that what you want? These guys don't.

Barry Dauphin said...

From the leading scientific journals...Global warming is real and is caused by Algore's running of the mouth. Scientists have noted a statistically signficant correlation between temperature increases and Algore speeches. Teams of researchers are fast at work to devise methods to halt his C-oh-two emissions. Current thinking suggests that it might be advantageous to convince him to turn to silent meditation as the most efficient means to quell the ire of Gaia.

David Thomson said...

“Do you want her to be able to spy on the Bush family?”

You are introducing a straw man. The NSA controversy revolves around incoming calls to the United States from likely terrorists. It has nothing to do with targeting one’s political opponents. However, I can understand why you are trying to confuse the issue. The polling data clearly shows that the American public approves of the actions of the Bush administration. This is a no-winner for the leftist community.

Knucklehead said...

I am familiar with the name but not the work of Max Boot. In today's LA Times online opinion-commentary section he provides The wiretaps shouldn't bug us.

He begins with:

I CAN CERTAINLY understand the uproar over President Bush's flagrant abuses of civil liberties. This is America. What right does that fascist in the White House have to imprison Michael Moore, wiretap Nancy Pelosi and blackmail Howard Dean?

Wait. You mean he hasn't done those things? All he's done is intercept communications between terrorists abroad and their contacts in the U.S. without a court order?

and ends with:

As long as federal surveillance remains targeted on the country's enemies, not on the president's, the public will continue to yawn at hyperbolic criticisms of the commander in chief.

which is, of course, about right.

Along the way we get:

If you want to see real abuses of civil liberties, read Geoffrey R. Stone's 2004 book "Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime from the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War on Terrorism." It tells how John Adams jailed a congressman for criticizing his "continual grasp for power." How Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and had the army arrest up to 38,000 civilians suspected of undermining the Union cause. How Woodrow Wilson imprisoned Socialist Party leader Eugene Debs for opposing U.S. entry into World War I. And how Franklin D. Roosevelt consigned 120,000 Japanese Americans to detention camps.

You can also read about how presidents from FDR to Richard Nixon used the FBI to spy on, and occasionally blackmail and harass, their political opponents. The Senate's Church Committee in 1976 blew the whistle on decades of misconduct, including FBI investigations of such nefarious characters as Eleanor Roosevelt, William O. Douglas, Barry Goldwater and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

All you have to do is recite this litany of excess to realize the absurdity of the cries of impeachment coming from the loonier precincts of the left. Muttering about "slippery slopes" isn't enough to convince most people that fascism is descending. If the president's critics want that part of the nation that doesn't read the Nation to believe that he's a threat to our freedom, they'd better do more than turn up the level of vituperation. They'd better find some real victims — the Eugene Debses and Martin Luther Kings of the war on terror.

and a few other sensible points.

Peter UK said...

Barry Dauphin,
Special algoreisms have been constructed to study this.

Buddy Larsen said...

Yeh, Mark--per doing business, you're as usual busy criminalizing governance and business and politiking and talking and all forms of engagement--whenever the other side is doing it.

I say 'other side' meaning the GOP, not AQ (I realize that you're confused).

Bush didn't "flount" ('flout') the law (*yawn*). Please, don't you ever READ anything?

Yes, Dick Cheney and a hundred million other Americans--from presidents of oil companies to union pensioners) are or have been or would like to be involved in the world's largest private industry, oil.

You'd rather have a Carter-type running things?

Carter, who was asked (in a televised presser I happened to be watching) about a mkt crash, beamed broadly and announced, "I don't know anything about the markets"? Then fine for you--but not for me.

Maybe because I'm aware of the stakes--for everybody--most especially the average American.

Sorry if I don't like you desire a world depression and chaos in order to boost a few thousand career Dem activists' and pols' careers.

Knucklehead said...

I neglected to mention re: my previous post:

I found the link to Boot's LATimes article at RealClearPolitics

Peter UK said...

"Well Buddy if Bush can flount the law what kind of example does that set for the next president?"


" Say President Hillary?"

Do you have something against Hillary being president?

" Do you want her to be able to spy on the Bush family?"

She won't?

"We all know how close they are to Saudis."

It is not illegal to be friends with Saudis,there is no breakdown of diplomatic relations with that country.

"Hell Poppy Bush had business relations with Bin Laden's family."

Markg8,if you did time,it would not mean your cousin was also a crook.
Shall I bring up the Kennedys or will you?

terrye said...

I just assumed the government was tracking these people and I damn well expect them to. If the Democrats try to impeach Bush for this it will come back and bite them on the ass.

Environmentalism has become a business. Like I said the other day this county is poor but the state is going to spend tens of millions of dollars turning farm land into a sawmp. Wetlands and ducks. Sheesh.

terrye said...

Speaking of the Saudis didn't they give something like 25 million to Bills' library.

Democrats need to remember that our relationship with the Saudis, good or bad, goes back for decades and so far as I know the Democrats have never said or done anything to so much as inconvenience them. If Hillary were to become president, I doubt that would change. This stuff about who is friends with who is silly and childish.

Peter UK said...

I suppose there could be a deal,no surveillance for an explanation why a mass murderer has your telephone number in his phone.

Barry Dauphin said...


...and with George Soros in the mix somewhere, the algoreisms relate to what particle physicists call "strange attractors" but not "charm".

Buddy Larsen said...

The Dems either pretend to not know, or just don't care, that the House of Saud is some 30,000 strong--and some of them are at war with others of them--always by proxy, of course. The ruling circle is under attack by AQ. Complex situation? Yes. Do we want AQ in control of OPEC? No.

Mark's blunder-party would doubtless serve up that very thing.

Then we could have another of those World War thingies that the Dems are so good at being surprised by.

Peter UK said...

You might call it,
"Malice in Blunderland"

Buddy Larsen said...

...and, "Malice Threw the Looking Glass" ?

Seneca the Younger said...


gHe can't remember if it's "flaut" or "flaunt" so he's trying for half-credit.

Peter UK said...

Seneca,Perhaps it was "flounce"?

Buddy Larsen said...

"flounce": (verb) to sashay around the saloon trying to get Wild Bill Hickok interested in your crinolined bustle.