Funny Business in Canada

Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Kate at Small Dead Animals gives us the lowdown on the Liberal's latest campaign ads targeting Stephen Harper, the leader of the conservatives. Holy Kennedy and Schumer, Batman, look what's going down:

Stephen Harper
actually announced
he wants to
military presence
in our cities.

Canadian cities.

Soldiers with guns.

In our cities.

In Canada.

We did not
make this up.

The parodies have begun:

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is named "Stephen".

As in "St. Stephen".

The name of a saint.

A Christian saint.

Christian like Adolf Hitler.

Does Stephen Harper have a hidden agenda to turn Canada into a Christian theocracy?

We don't know.

He isn't saying.

Choose your Canada.


terrye said...

Oh my God, not a Christian, anything but that.

If the Liberals had not been caught up in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Canadian history the Conservatives probably would not be this close to winning.

truepeers said...

Oh and you've got to hear these adds to get the full message. The narrator has the voice of an ultra-cool young woman who leaves no doubt we are involved in a culture war between good and evil, if only her side believed in evil like Harper's supposedly does. Of course, Stephen Harper is actually one of the more mild-mannered, cautious, always balancing the two sides, middle-of-the-road, unexcitable, wonkish, thoughtful, politicians alive today. He epitomizes the passion-disciplined, straight-as-she-goes, Canuck.

The Liberals pulled this soldiers in the streets add before airing it, but I find their others just as offensive, not that I want to be offended. Attack is good for the soul, but it'll show the Liberals they don't have one.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Which one was the spoof?