Monday, January 30, 2006

The Winds of Political Change

Heh, maybe this is the start of a new third party:

Cindy for Senate. And she's got international support.


Peter UK said...

Cindy Sheehan might have international support,but will she wear it?

RogerA said...

one can only HOPE and pray that this moonbat enters politics--if she does, she will further reduce the already waning influence of the left--its rather like a good toilet--it will flush, spin in ever decreasing concentric circles until it disappears down the drain--
(assuming of course you have the mandated 1.6 liters per flush toilet--unboosted to make sure those finless brown trout dont return.)--

OK I apologize for the imagery--but i saw it on another blog.

chuck said...

--it will flush, spin in ever decreasing concentric circles until it disappears down the drain--

Reminds me of the toilet that visitors to my home nicknamed the vortex.

Peter UK said...

The world is at its most critical point since the Cuban Missile crisis and this moon faced loon considers standing for office,what exacerbates this is that those standing in the wings are also loop the loops of the first magnitude.
One can just see her in her first official duties slobbering over some Iranian Mullah...then again!

chuck said...

I just went to the cindyforsenate site to add my vote. All of us should do the same. As update #4 says:

I feel the earth rumbling tonight in California and it is not the San Andreas fault. It is the Sen. Feinstein campaign staff quaking in their boots!

YES!!! With 9,959 in favor of Cindy so far, Sen. Feinstein is running scared!!!


>>>>> VOTE CINDY <<<<<<

Peter UK said...

10.075 after I vote several times..Going to be the first time a woman molested Tedda.

ex-democrat said...

Update 3 says "Some suggestions would prove to be physically impossible, but thanks all the same."

Peter UK said...

There doesn't seem to be any restrictions on multiple voting,now it is on Instapundit,it should be a goer.

chuck said...

10.075 after I vote several times

It's an American tradition! As the estimable Andrew Garcia tells us:

...those kind of people sure knew how to hold an election and get the full strength of them votes.

After letting every man and what few kids there were around vote two or three times, they now remembered that Phoebe's Baby Kid did not vote. This estimable lady was one of the four hundred and run a checkerboard house of prostitution where low-down white women and nigger wenches held out under the high sounding name of Phoebe's Exchange. Two drunken brutes brought this little boy, maybe three or four years old for he still wore dresses, up to the window at the polls and made out a ticket for him to vote. To anyone but this crowd of ruffians, it would have been a pitiful sight to see this little kid who had been raised in hell's cauldron, with a burly ruffian holding him by the hand.

The three judges were pretty full like the rest. The Republican judge now leered at them and said, "You Democrats have voted every man and boy two or three times in this burg and I did not kick, but I'll be damned if I am going to see you vote Phoebe's Baby. I challenge this vote." Then two others amid the cheers of the crowd proved that the kid was twenty-one years old and of legal age, and voted him over the judge. And this goes to show that even Democracy can sometimes cover a multitude of sins.

Peter UK said...

That was so inspiring,I went and voted a few more times.

terrye said...


Bite you tongue, this is California we are talking about Sheehan just might win.

But then again, if Barbara Boxer can be a Senator why not Mother Sheehan?

Peter UK said...

Sheehan is up tp 14,100 votes and climbing.

Peter UK said...

Terrye,Scroll down to update #6 There is talk of another party,you might get them to go.

buddy larsen said...

Rogera, the worst I ever heard of that particular subset of imagery, was "dropping the kids off at the pool".