Rumsfeld vs Der Spiegel: The Iranian Takedown

Monday, January 16, 2006
SPIEGEL: How concerned are you about Iran?

Rumsfeld: All of us have to be concerned when a country that important, large and wealthy is disconnected from the normal interactions with the rest of the world. They obviously have certain ambitions, powers and military capabilities ...

SPIEGEL: ...and nuclear ambitions...

Rumsfeld: That's apparently what France, Germany, the UK and the International Atomic Energy Agency have concluded. Everyone wants to have the Iranians as part of the world community, but they aren't yet. Therefore there's less predictability and more danger.

SPIEGEL: The US is trying to make the case in the United Nations Security Council.

Rumsfeld: I would not say that. I thought France, Germany and the UK were working on that problem.

SPIEGEL: What kind of sanctions are we talking about?

Rumsfeld: I'm not talking about sanctions. I thought you, and the U.K. and France were.

SPIEGEL: You aren't?

Rumsfeld: I'm not talking about sanctions. You've got the lead. Well, lead!

SPIEGEL: You mean the Europeans.

Rumsfeld: Sure. My Goodness, Iran is your neighbour. We don't have to do everything!

SPIEGEL: We are in the middle of regime change in Germany...

Rumsfeld: ... that's hardly the phrase I would have selected.

There is more on Iran at the New Sisyphus. The full Spiegel interview with Rumsfeld is here.


Syl said...

You mean that's not Scrappleface?

terrye said...

We don't have to do everything? Really?

Knucklehead said...

Did Donald Rumsfeld just tell us that the US has enough of whatever it needs to take down the Iranian nuclear program? I think that's what I heard between the lines in that interview.

Barry Dauphin said...

Maybe it's the Spiegel takedown (or the Spiegel Smackdown). The Spiegel cleverer than thou approach gets the Rummy treatment.

Barry Dauphin said...

oops, I forgot my German. Der Spiegel. (Verzeihen Sie mir, bitte)