Calling Hercule Poirot

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
There seems to have been a racist murder committed in Brussels by Moroccan youth. The socialist parties of Europe are going to have to deal with the law and order issue at some point instead of making excuses and hoping the whole problem goes away or, even worse, exploiting the immigrant community for votes, something that reminds me of the Democratic Party here in the good old USA pandering to inner city failure. Be that as it may, not only does it appear that many second generation Muslim emigrants have become homophobic and misogynist, but they have also become racist in the traditional way: despising blacks. Wherever these values come from, and Belgium itself as well as Islam and North African tradition seem likely sources, I think that the recent riots in Birmingham, England and Cronulla, Australia further illustrate the problem.

Why have these attitudes come to prominence? Why should the second generation have more problems than the first? I suspect this results from a combination of things. First, we are speaking of young men who, if not disciplined, trained, and brought into the work force, are always going to be a problem. All that young masculine energy and striving is going to go express itself somewhere. Second, there is a lack of law enforcement in the immigrant ghettos. This is cowardice masquerading as multiculturalism: no one wants to suffer the violence and danger that enforcing the law would entail, it is easier to leave the isolated communities alone and let them to go to Hell unseen and unheard. Third, I think that many Europeans just don't want to admit that the immigrants are there to stay and need to be dealt with. So problems are ignored, money is thrown at unemployed youth to buy them off, and the cowardice of the authorities earns contempt while promoting an attitude of arrogance. And who of us wouldn't be arrogant if we belonged to a group that could get away with most anything without suffering serious consequence or risking a fight?

Watching Europe is like watching an old movie where the dot of an aircraft, its engine wailing louder and louder, accelerates earthward until it impacts in a cloud of black smoke. Except in this case the pilot is mumbling 60's platitudes to the inert Gods of Socialism instead of rasslin' with the stick to pull out of the dive.


MeaninglessHotAir said...

I'm afraid the train wreck is not just in Europe. Something seems to be stinking in Australia as well.

chuck said...

Thanks, MHA, I was looking for that link.

Knucklehead said...

Consider how vexing our own ghettos and ethnic crime and criminal syndicates have been here in the US through these many generations. And that is with no real sense of a common racial or ethnic background. If we ever were 90+% racially or ethnically identical it was long ago and far away. We have struggled mightily, and sometimes still violently, with the myriad issues inherent in diversity.

I don't see anything that suggests the Euros - other than, perhaps but not fersure, the Brits - have even reached the point of beginning to understand that they have a problem which requires long and mighty struggle to even begin to deal with.

They are still mired in the notion that providing welfare payments is the same thing as "no bigottry". They have so far to go but the wind and tide is leaving without them even realizing they need a boat let alone a managed and protected convoy travelling through stormy seas.

David Thomson said...

I will make it real simple for everybody. There are just too many unassimilated Muslims in Europe. End of story. The problem will only get worse, if for no other reason, because the Western Europeans are not producing enough children.