190% of us are heterosexual

Monday, January 30, 2006
Instapundit pointed to an amusing (not the topic but the innumeracy aspect) Run the Numbers post at Volokh. If you follow the comments just a little while you will find the statistical methodology showing how I arrived at my title for this post.


flenser said...

I'm guessing you mean this one.

If 5% of men are homosexual, 5% of women must be lesbian. Therefore the percentage of homosexuals and lesbians in the population is 5% + 5% = 10%.

Think of the possibilities this new math opens up.

Syl said...

I was editor of a company newspaper once. (so shoot me)

A little filler article I wrote about some new office space and gave it as 500 sq feet.

No No!!!! That's wrong. So I checked my notes and made a correction. To 50,000.

No No!!! That's wrong. So I put on my glasses and checked my notes and finally got it right on the correction of the correction.
5000 sq ft.

Knucklehead said...


Yuppers, that was the one. The possibilities are endless! You gotta love the innumerate, they're so darned cute!