Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Boys will be boys but will they be educated?

Catherine Johnson is all over the boys in school stuff at Kitchen Table Math. (You gotta scroll beyond a brief rant at the top.) There's some interesting stuff there and a plethora of links.


chuck said...

Bad link, Knuck.

Knucklehead said...

Thanks, Chuck. I think its fixed now, but one never knows.

Fresh Air said...

Maybe I read the post too fast, but what I get from it is that poor males are disproportionately (even almost entirely) those not getting in at the same rate as females. I don't want to jump to too many conclusions, but I suspect this means minority males are the crux of the concern. If so, the mainstream reporting on this issue is woefully lacking.

Knucklehead said...


There are several posts on the topic and Catherine points to articles about research suggesting just the opposite. Apparently black males, since 2000 (IIRC) are the only males with increased college enrollment - and it is across all economic categories.

Poke around if the topic interests you. Catherine is, to put it mildly, thorough in her examinations of any topic of interest to her.

flenser said...

Knucklehead meant Fresh Air I assume, or else was anticipating my comment.

This issue is one which has been around for a while now. Back in 2000 Christine Hoff Summers came out with The War Against Boys.

From what I have seen it's mostly women taking the lead on this. Whether thats because men are too cowed by PC or because they are overly macho is an interesting side question.

Knucklehead said...

Sorry Flenser - I was responding to FA. Some of the articles Catherine points to seem to suggest that the downward trend in male college enrollement bottomed out around 2000.