J.B. Poersch asked me to pass this along.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

These straight-up copies of Democrat talking points can get boring. So I thought I'd boil this one down for everyone...


Electing more Democrats to the Senate is the best way to stop George Bush and his right-wing allies from arrogantly abusing their power to advance their extreme agenda. And I have good news: in our efforts to take back the Senate, so far, we're winning.

Embattled Republican incumbents, including Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania and Conrad Burns [will win unless you...]

Click here to make a secure, online contribution of $50, $75, or more.

[Republicans like Santorum use "dirty tricks". To help us counter them...]

Click here to make a secure, online contribution of $50, $75, or more.

In Montana, incumbent Republican Senator Conrad Burns has plummeted in the polls [but we're still losing, and we cannot succeed unless you...]

Click here to make a secure, online contribution of $50, $75, or more.

Remember, the DSCC is the only national party organization solely dedicated to electing a Democratic Senate.


Please make a contribution today.


J.B. Poersch

Executive Director

P.S. You can also help our efforts by forwarding this message to your friends and family. Ask them to...

Click here to make a secure, online contribution of $50, $75, or more.

They're really hard up for money. They'd appreciate anything, as long as it's $50, $75, or more...


David Thomson said...

The odds, knock on wood, currently favor the Republicans. Money will indeed remain an important factor. Still, the most important question may be the MSM’s influence in early November. That’s a full ten months from now. The Democrats must have the assistance of their unofficial partners---but will the old media still be a sufficiently viable entity?

markg8 said...

Mark did you really leave all your contact information in those links?

BTW I'm sure if you were a big money contributor you'd get a different email. Same message but asking for more.

The last sentence says "Without your immediate support, Rick Santorum will spend the next 10 months clouding the truth and running away from his record."

On Wednesday Santorum said: "I had absolutely nothing to do -- never met, never talked, never coordinated, never did anything -- with Grover Norquist and the -- quote -- K Street Project," "I didn't even know what Grover Norquist was up to,".

Yet in June 2002 the WaPo reported:

"Senate Republican Conference Chairman Rick Santorum (Pa.) last month hosted a private meeting in the Capitol, during which Norquist asked a group of about two dozen lobbyists and staffers to help complete the project, according to sources familiar with the meeting."

In August 2002 the Philadelphia Inquirer reported this about Santorum's biweekly breakfast meetings with the K Street elite:

"Grover Norquist, a conservative activist, has appeared before the group and sought help with an effort to push lobbying firms and trade associations to hire more Republicans.

The so-called K-Street Project got the attention of the Senate Ethics Committee, which is concerned that the project could be used to deny access to Democrats.

"He [Santorum] has gotten me in to talk to all those guys," Norquist said."

Last November Santorum said: "The K Street project is purely to make sure we have qualified applicants for positions that are in town. From my perspective, it's a good government thing."

For 4 years Santorum never complained about being seen as one of the chief movers and shakers of the K Street Project. Now he pretends he had nothing to do with it.

What is the K St. Project you ask? The deliberate attempt to co-opt business into a seamless Republican dominance of American national politics for the forseeable future by strongarm tactics if necesssary.
They not only demanded lobbying firms and associations hire only Republican approved applicants they wanted the money going only to Republicans in return for the special access that's given us an explosion of pork and such wonderful legislation as the Medicare Drug Plan and Cheney's energy bill.

vnjagvet said...

Mark must be on the big money list. He's got all the information right on his fingertips.

Morgan said...


I did inadvertantly leave the links live, thanks for alerting me. I've modified them so that my address no longer shows up.

Stop by any time. Not a lot of big money contributors in this neighborhood, but lots of good folks.

Specter said...

And now Splash Kennedy is posting on KOS KOOKY KIdz

markg8 said...

I get all kinds of fundraising emails but didn't get that one. Or maybe I did and forgot to open it. I'd have words with Reid's staff if they did put me on a big money list. They should know better than that.

You guys ought to know that internet fundraising in small amounts is all the rage among Dems ever since Dean raised all that cash before the primaries in 2003. It's what helped us catch up to Repub fundraising in 2004. This shouldn't come as a surprise. What do the Repubs ask for?

Specter said...

Looks like the link to Splash didn't work. Here is another try:

Splash Speaks