Pelosi impresses with her skill

Monday, January 16, 2006
Impresses me, anyway. I wasn't there.

" "It's always exciting,'' she told reporters after the meeting. "This is democracy in action. I'm energized by it, frankly." "

Even though I don't agree with Ms Pelosi's views, I can appreciate the political skill and can understand the rush it would give her to be able to handle a crowd of Lesser and Greater Moonbats. Can Hillary do the same to win the primaries without giving soundbites that can be used against her in the campaign? Well, we'll find out. I don't especially want to think about that right now, though. Too many other issues to sort through in the next two years.

Like the attempt to send Zawahiri to his virgins the other day:

"At minimum, the [American] officials said they believed that other senior Qaeda officials had died in the attack."...from the New York Times.

Most of the reports I've read indicate there had been foreigners in the area. One specifically said that even though Zawahiri didn't attend the Eid feast, he had sent some of his associates. (Can't find the link)

The Times is playing down any possible danger to Musharraf's regime because of this incident. I think they're right. Musharraf is a skilled politician for whom I have a lot of respect. Yes, Mark, I do.

My feeling is the angrier the protests, the more likelihood Zawahiri was zapped.

And another voice thinks that bin laden is already dead and has been since last April. (h/t Rantburg)

And I won't touch Iran. Think of bin laden as head of a huge country about to get nukes. Add in delusions of bringing the 12th Imam. Now try to get some sleep.


terrye said...


I heard that Musahreff went on the air and told his people that it would not be good for his people if they harbored foreign terrorists.


I am glad Bush [finally] came out and called the enemy what they are, Islamofascists... I wish he would do it more often. Folks need to know just how nuts these people are.

Syl said...

Yes, he did, Terrye.

And support for bin laden has been dropping steadily in Pakistan. They don't have a problem with their own terrorists in Kashmir though.:(

Jihad. Jihad. Jihad. Sheesh. Get these people jobs. Even when this movement dies out in a few decades, it will still be dormant and we'll have another round starting in, oh, say, 2130 or 2480 with even bigger and better weapons.

Feels like it will keep popping up. Forever. :(

Buddy Larsen said...

Pelosi continues with that weird Clinton thing, where they talk openly about doing this so people will think that, or that they will take this position on that issue so as not to alienate this or that part of the constituency.

It's as though it's a given that nobody has any actual beliefs--only balancings among this or that interest group.

It may be representation--but it ain't leadership, and it ain't honest.

Specter said...

It's just Pelosi being Pelosi. Waffling back and forth, saying one thing and doing another. I think the things that come out of her mouth are really dependent on who she is standing in front of. Did you see her op-ed piece in the WaPo over the weekend? I did some pitiful analysis here.

Barry Dauphin said...

Pelosi could never realistically assume a higher position nationally than she now holds, and she knows it. Nonetheless she would have to be a skilled politician to get where she is. I'm almost more interested in the SF crowd longing for the "good old days" of Vietnam.

Public opinion in Pakistan has become more favorable to the US as we have provided the most substantial and visible assistance following the earthquake.

David Thomson said...

"...handle a crowd of Lesser and Greater Moonbats."

This is now the mainstream of the Democratic Party of those possessing the veto power over its selection of a presidential nominee. They may seem strange to us, but these folks are not a bunch of marginalized weirdoes. The moonbats are the ultimate force to be reckoned with if you are a candidate for the highest office in the land. Nancy Pelosi has to suck up to them. She is in no position to say no to their demands.

Syl said...


Yes, anti-Americanism fell quite a bit after the earthquake. This hit, though, is cutting into that goodwill.

markg8 said...

"This is now the mainstream of the Democratic Party of those possessing the veto power over its selection of a presidential nominee."

Well actually it's been caucus and primary voters in IA and NH who pretty much decide who the nominee is going to be in past election cycles. Don't do as well as expected in those contests and you're toast. That may change because MI or other states may be added to the mix.

Pelosi says impeachment isn't an option. Of course it isn't, congressional oversight isn't even an option with this Republican congress. Impeachment may be deserved as Arlen Spector speculated
yesterday on TV but it's hardly likely at this point.

Syl said...


Read Humphrey's Executor and you'll see not all executive agencies are created equal. Some the President has absolute authority over, others not so much. And where he has authority, congress cannot usurp that authority.

This is a major precedent of the Court. Impeachment is simply not in the cards.

Rick Ballard said...


That was a very good analysis. I hadn't realized that Congress had made another power grab. I wonder how many laws such as this the Executive routinely ignores. Lots, I hope.

Syl said...

I concur--and left a comment over there, Spencer.