New Blog: "Market Correction"

Saturday, January 28, 2006
The guys from Cafe Hayek have a new blog: Market Correction. It's composed entirely of letters to the editor correcting basic economic mistakes in legacy media stories.

It's not amazing that there are so many of them (12-15 a week.) It is somewhat astonishing that they make good reading.

To the blogroll with them.


David Thomson said...

Thank you. I enjoyed the very first one concerning the very plausible theory of economic development in the western Protestant/Catholic areas of Europe compared to those dominated by Eastern Orthodoxy.

Buddy Larsen said...

If only the high-schools would teach basic applied capitalism, the country would be SO much better off. Things like basic ratios and definitions--What does price do? How is it 'information'? What's the difference between cost-of-goods-sold and--wait--that's IT, teach the two business statements, the P&L and the Balance Sheet, theory of double-entry bookkeeping, and 'what are stocks and bonds?' And, 'what is 'capital', where does it come from?'

Alan said...

Wow, great link. Thanks.

RogerA said...

Wonderful reading indeed--the general ignorance of our jouralistic class is genuinely astounding; when it comes to something a bit more complex such as science or economics, even more so.

Great link!

Buddy Larsen said...

Wins my 'best link of the month' so far! A large gold-plated trophy in the shape of a 'link' will be sent to Seneca as soon as the design problems are overcome.