The Anchoress » OK, Anchoress, why so optimistic?

Saturday, November 11, 2006
The Anchoress » OK, Anchoress, why so optimistic?: "Bush is a man living a creed before he is the president. He is the president of the whole country before he is a republican. He is a republican before he is a conservative.

Conservatives, especially, really forgot that this year, when they crucified him for daring to nominate Harriet Miers, for the Dubai deal and immigration. While Bush has always been consistent (he’s always been exactly who he is), suddenly the good things he’d done were not enough, and we had to endure the spectacle of Bush’s cock-sure “pure conservative betters” in the press and some blogs throw him under the bus.

Kind of interesting, really. President Bush has always been a center-right man, the left painted him as a far-right nazi, and the far-right said he wasn’t conservative enough.

Whether they like to admit it or not, that partly contributed to his general unpopularity, which directly contributed to this loss.


Rick Ballard said...


There should be a neologism that correctly reflects the type of "conservative" to which the Anchoress refers. Something like "roundhead" as used to denote Cromwell's supporters (and party). I imagine Burke doing a slow roll every time 'conservative' is used to describe a Buchananite nativist.

My understanding of the President tracks that of the Anchoress fairly well. I've never felt that he has delivered other than what he promised and I don't believe that's going to change.

terrye said...


I feel the same way.

Bird Dog said...

To his unpopularity, OK. But also to his popularity.

These folks are politicians, remember. Not philosophers.