The Belmont Club: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Thursday, November 09, 2006
The Belmont Club: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth: "Remember all those articles from Generals who were going to do it right? No one was going to take their advice. The contrary views were printed just because they were contrary, not because anyone was thinking of switching to any strategy other leaving town. All that stuff about reporting for duty. Bring back the adults into the Defense Department. Lessons from past counterinsurgencies. British approach. Responsible redeployment. Thank God for Mark Cooper. He's right. That's just a dishonest word for the process of just giving the Iraqis notice, providing some funding and security support and getting the hell out of Dodge. Like we did in Vietnam. That lasted nearly three whole years after responsible redeployment. In many ways its more honest to leave some money on the night table, slip on your pants and push the car down the road before starting it so she doesn't wake up. Let her dream a little longer."


Rick Ballard said...

The operation in Iraq is funded until late '07 (if they pass the budget next week). The President still has plenty of time to make a pass at an accelerated Phoenix program. We have the intelligence. We know who and where the sheiks and mullahs are and there is no reason not to give it a whirl. If we clip enough of them quickly enough then we'll have bought another two years for what remains of the Iraqi government to ponder the ease with which the actual troublemakers were removed. Hopefully, Maliki would be among the first to bite the dust.