By George, it is a civil war.

Thursday, November 09, 2006
The Lancet study was only off by a factor of four.
"The army of America didn't do its job. ... They tie the hands of my government," said al-Shemari, a Shiite.

"They should hand us the power. We are a sovereign country," he said, adding that the first step would be for American forces to leave population centers.

Al-Shemari is a controversial figure and a member of the movement of radical anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Some U.S. officials have complained that the ministry has diverted supplies to al-Sadr's Mahdi Army militia.

In August, U.S. troops arrested seven of al-Shemari's personal guards in a raid on his office. The U.S. never explained the raid, but Iraqi officials said Americans suspected the guards were part of a militia.

150,000 is really a pretty decent start. I'm sure they'll be able to do much better as we withdraw though. Nothing like rich spoils to stir that good old Arab blood lust.


terrye said...


I know I am not the brightest bulb in the socket but I have not the slightest idea what the point is.

Rick Ballard said...

The point is that the democratically elected government of Iraq wishes us to step aside so that they may purge Iraq of Sunnis and divide the oil revenue spoils. It will be interesting to see if the Badrists team up with the Sadrists to kill the Sunnis first or if it will be all against all from the start.

BTW - The 150,000 is also a lie. It makes a nice excuse though and I'm sure that before the democratically elected government of Iraq devolves to its natural state it will be true.

terrye said...

Well hell then lets just nuke em. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim I always say.

You know Rick that country is full of people saying lots of things. I do not think that the entire government in that country wants to kill all the Sunnis.

I think there are elements in the government that want to settle some old scores and I think that we probably should never have let Sadr back in the place.

But if what you say is true then the only kiind of democracy we can afford in the ME is the kind where we do the voting and they don't. Perhaps we should turn Saddam loose. He was good at keeping them in line. Of course that is one of the reasons that they hate each other today, but what the hell.

Rick Ballard said...


Read the article again. Shemari is linked to Maliki who is in bed with Sadr. They know they have the power and they know we lack the will to kill them. They've known it for quite a while - just like they knew that keeping a steady flow of US casualties was the best way to get us out so they can kill Sunnis and divide spoils.

We've been invited by the Kurds to come up there and settle down and we should take them up on the offer. It's an honest offer because the Kurds know that when the Shia get done with the Sunni they'll be coming after the Kurds.

There's no need to nuke them - just leave and they'll do the work themselves.

Democracy is a much, much smaller word than Islam. We freed the muslim slaves from Saddam but they'll never be free of Islam.

terrye said...

I think we should listen to Talibani.

Rick I am not saying that we ignore these people, but Iraq is a very complicated place.

If the Sunni had not supported AlQaida and the Baathists for so long and if they had gotten involved in the political process Sadr would never have gotten this much clout.

How many Shia mosques were blown up before Sadr got to where he is today? I remember when the Mayor of Najaf threatened to personally kill the man and begged the Americans to come into his city and run Sadr off.

I know that Islam is a bigger word than democracy, but unless I am mistaken the Kurds are Muslims as well. Maybe I am wrong and they are Methodists, but I doubt it. They just have a head start and a lot less internal friction.

We need to either neutralize Sadr or get rid of him, I agree with that. But it could be that they believe just killing the guy would only make it worse.

Imagine the country is divided 45 to 45 and Sadr is the guy with the 10. They need to change that equation.

As far as killing Americans being the way to get rid of us, I imagine they have all known that all along. But the truth is if less than 3,000 in more than 3 years is the best they can do I have to wonder just how many people we are really talking about here. I read that the malitias are unpopular with about 73% of the population.

loner said...


It looks like your e-mail has changed. Do you want to let me know a new one (I can still receive e-mail sent ot my old address) or do you want me to send what I wrote to MHA?

Rick Ballard said...


Sent you an email.


Of course the general population hates the militias. They know what's coming better than I do.

Both the Shia and the Sunni would disagree about the Kurds being real muslims. Real heretics would get their vote though.

terrye said...


The population that hates them is Muslim too.

The Kurds are overwhelmingly Muslim of the Sunni sect.