I so like Chris Hitchen's prose

Saturday, November 04, 2006
OpinionJournal - Featured Article: "One could have assumed that Sen. John Kerry, who has reason enough to wake up whimpering and biting his knuckles when he reflects on past embarrassments, had learned this lesson. He's almost spoiled for choice in the matter--from the cringe-making 'reporting for duty' to the sickly discovery that he had been part of a 'band of brothers' rather than a bunch of killers, to the phantom 'Christmas in Cambodia.'

Yet of all the days that he might want to have back and do over again, last week's clumsy appearance in Pasadena must be the most whimper-inducing of all."


CF said...

He is one of the best writers in America, and I can't read him without getting green with envy.

Skookumchuk said...

A magnificent piece by Hitch.

The nomenklatura loves to express its disdain for the typical Wal-Mart shopper and Marine because doing so feels too good to stop. But in the end, even though they may not know it, the upper castes - and we - may pay a terrible price.

A long time ago, Wretchard had a great thread in which he and the commentators wrote of the continuing culture wars. One observation was - I think the tipping point will be when a fire company arrives to find an ACLU office on fire and declines to act. We've been going down that road for a while now. John Kerry may - thankfully - have slowed the pace for just a bit.

chuck said...

I think the tipping point will be when a fire company arrives to find an ACLU office on fire and declines to act.

I suppose this is also like Michael Moore complaining that Al Qaeda attacked the wrong state. And I admit that sometimes I wonder if Massachusetts should be defended in case of attack.

The truly radical aspect of the US constitution is that the lower classes may override the upper classes. This, needless to say, is a sore point among some of the latter. That is why there are proposals floating about to make the Constitution more "progressive", i.e., the upper classes should have more power to guide things in the right direction.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

And yet, despite all these cringe-making appearances, a large large fraction of our fellow citizens feels that he is by far the best choice for President. So much so that, two long years later, they're still wearing his bumper stickers.

That's real scary.