There Ought to be a Law

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Short and tough, the former Green Beret sat across the lunch table and continued. "There ought to be a law against divorce. I divorced a woman who bored me on occasion and married a woman who drives me crazy every day." So it may be after this election. With some old Democratic faces coming strongly to the fore, like Pelosi, Dingell, and Rangel, and with Alcee Hastings heading up the House Committee on Intelligence, we may all find ourselves being driven crazy every day. If Pelosi thinks the country is ready for all Berkeley all the time, she is probably wrong. But that might not stop her from trying. So consider taking up a good hobby or setting aside some time for a good read. Because we may all need reminding that life isn't all politics all the time.


Syl said...

I hope to high heaven you all have hobbies anyway. 100% immersion in politics is not good for the soul. A little realism is necessary and one only gets thaat by being able to think in terms other than just politics.

Anyway, I don't think HRC and her huge crew will allow the Dems to go too far left for the next two years...unless she's given up on running and I don't think that's in the cards.