A brief diversion

Tuesday, November 08, 2005
I don't quite agree with fellow Yargbian, Flenser, regarding "burnout" about the Paris riots. I have pretty much said all I can possibly say about them and have not recently found anything that brings any new information or ideas for discussion or consideration other than Jamie and Truepeers who are trying to bring the entire discussion to a higher intellectual level but, well, I'll need to reread his essay again (and again) before I can have any hope of following.

So I offer a couple brief diversions, and go in a decidedly non-intellectually elitist direction here, while I continue in mostly wait and see mode.

PeterUK, what is going on there in London? Cocaine traces detected in River Thames.

The young, cute cheerleader ain't what she used to be... then again, maybe they are. I wouldn't know. Ummm... Go Panthers?


chuck said...

The Panthers cheerleaders were not in town to perform at the game.

Umm. Doesn't sound like appropriate family fare anyway.

topsecretK9 said...

"Chirac was keeping to his official schedule, hosting Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga on Monday and lunching Tuesday with Prince Albert II of Monaco. The president's first public comments on the rioting came Sunday - 10 days after it began."

Let Paris burn! I must eat lunch!

Can't wait for Sean Penn's glowing Op Ed praising Chiracs handling of the crisis! This is how a real leader acts!

Knucklehead said...


Can I put you down as being in the Go Panthers! camp? ;)

flenser said...

You don't buy cocaine, you only rent it.

The cheerleaders story touches on a serious issue, the pornification of American culture. It will take a braver man, or woman, than I am to post on it though. terrye, I double-dare you.

Peter UK said...

The thames is the main source of drinking water for London,it is said that the water is drunk about ten times before it reaches the sea.Paris looking better folks?

The excess of lead, leached out of the plumbing, in the water of Rome is reputed to have induced the ferocious madness that descended on that great city at regular intervals,some even claim that this was one of the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire.

Personally,I think it is just a ploy to boost the tourist trade.
It is worth remembering that Victorian England ran on opium,in the form of laudenum,though,since it was legal there were fewer panic flushings of the stash.