Freedom of speech in Denmark

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
The Viking Observer, has reposted an excellent item by Fjordman. It concerns the pressure the Danish government is under by Moslem governments and organizations regarding the decision by a Danish newspaper to publish a series of cartoon charactures of Mohammed, and the threats the newspaper has received. He does an excellent rundown of the entire affair, and ends with a plea for Western Governments and citizens to support Denmark's stand for free speech. Email addresses are included. I for one hope the blogsphere takes this issue up and stands behind the Danes. Below is an except, read the entire article.

International Muslim organisations are to take over the discussion about whether a Danish newspaper was in its rights to print caricatures of the prophet Muhammad. After Rasmussen also refused to meet with the ambassadors, Egyptian Ambassador Mona Omar Attia said in a Danish news broadcast on Tuesday that the group planned to meet to discuss contacting other parliamentary leaders, some of whom had urged the PM to hear the ambassador's complaints. After meeting at the Saudi Arabian Embassy on Wednesday, however, the group said they had decided to let international Muslim groups take over the cause, allowing groups such as the Organisation of the Islamic Conference to try to influence the prime minister. The conference represents 56 member states and has already sent a letter of protest to the government. 'It's out of our hands,' said Attia after the meeting. 'Now it is moving up to the international level. Therefore, we will not try to contact Denmark's political leaders. 'One could imagine that the Arab League will weigh in soon,' she said.

When some Muslims complain about their religion being slighted, the entire Islamic world seems to support them. Unfortunately, the same is not the case with the infidels using their freedom of speech. They are too frequently left to fight alone, with little support. This needs to change. The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), with dozens of member states backed by Saudi oil money, is now up against one newspaper and the government of a nation of just above 5 million inhabitants. But what is at stake is nothing less than the very concept of freedom of speech and thus democracy itself, an issue far greater than Denmark. It is totally unacceptable that Muslims try to intimidate the citizens of free nations from speaking their minds, and it is time that this is made clear in no uncertain terms.


Peter UK said...

This is the way it works,we are all Iarael now.

chuck said...

Of course,

It is also just good manners not to make fun of people's religion. Piss Christ and Modonna in Manure were offensive because they were meant to be offensive. Likewise, the cartoonists meant to be offensive to Islam. They are part of the European cultural problem, not part of the solution. The old rule of thumb is not to ingage in gratuitous religious insults because you are going to end up in a fight. Those who forget this probably deserve whatever beating they recieve just as a reminder of the value of good manners. Good manners is not the same as multi-culti. Serious religious discussion is welcome, but this was just more of that ol' religious baiting beloved by the enlightened.

So I am happy that they are asserting their basic right to be assholes. But this fight isn't my fight. Sorry.

gumshoe1 said...

chuck -

the instance may be wrong,
but the cause is not.

see: CAIR for examples.
see: Piglet scandal.
see: Union Jack "offensive" scandal.
see: on & on & on & on....

respect is a two way street.

terrye said...

I don't think it is just about being respectful to someone's is about how they deal with the fact that not everyone is part of their religion.

I don't remember Christians threatening mayhem over the pissChrist is art crap.

ambisinistral said...

Those who forget this probably deserve whatever beating they recieve just as a reminder of the value of good manners.

Actually, in this case they end up dead in the streets of Amsterdam.

Syl said...

Hey, it was just infidels being infidels.

Now if a muslim were to draw a cartoon like that? they might have a beef, or a swine.

Well, they believe they have a beef.

It's that whole 'we are special and true' intolerant crap.