Giv'em hell, Zell!

Thursday, November 03, 2005
Regular commenter Gumshoe1 pointed out an article in the Atlanta Constitution. Zell Miller has noted that there may be Factions In The CIA!!! that believe themselves to be policy makers rathers than employees of the federal government and that employees belonging to said factions might(?) be using a loophole in the rules to promote an agenda at odds with administration policy.

I believe that Zell is correct in his observations regarding rank nepotist SuperSecret Agent 34B - Val Plame - and the idiot that she married and hired as a "consultant" but I'm unsure as to the wisdom of his solution.

What are the potential "negative externalities" of such a proposed rule?


Syl said...

Terrific Zell piece!

Joe couldn't do this without Val, and Val couldn't do it on her own.

terrye said...

I can not believe that more people can't see there is something hinky going on in the CIA.

Whatever your politics, it is plain to see that all is not right here.

Isn't it interesting how another leak showed up in the WaPo today?

I do think Goss has put the fear of God in some of these people, but I wonder if we need to just shut the CIA down and start over.

At least if someone like Zell Miller will come out and talk about it other people might do the same.

gumshoe1 said...

"I can not believe that more people can't see there is something hinky going on in the CIA"

dunno bout you terrye,
but i have to acknowledge that the
make truly sorting out the story
impossible at some level.
(and my gut says Fitz ran into this as well)

if the CIA's job-description is info-gathering,deception,and disruption (w/o getting caught)
...and it's *actually* their asses on the line...they might turn out to be pretty good at evasion.

they hold info that we all
(theoretically) don't want publicly divulged at some levels...
so an investigation of a "non-crime",for example,
takes two years.
(and for any number of reasons,
Plame's actual staus is/was
defined no more specifically than "classified" by Fitz,yet her name being "publicized" by WH staff yielded no indictable crime...
...back to smoke&mirrors,

"Joe couldn't do this without Val, and Val couldn't do it on her own."

one question still is:

WHAT was Joe doing?

RogerA said...

I never doubted that the CIA folks were in this up to their classified butts. Recall the MSM calling for CIA scalps prior to the time Porter Goss was named as the DCI--Then he started to kick ass, take names and fire people--then the MSM went into "oh that nasty porter routine and how he was replacing the brave and valiant CIA pukes..."

Only trouble is Goss hasnt gone far enough and deep enough--

Lots of Americans, I am sure, believe in the black helicopter stuff of the Gene Hackman enemy of the state movie

The reality is much more mundane--career CIA pukes with their media contacts leaking whenever an elected administration does something that ruffles their feathers--This criticism also applies to FEMA, DOD, DOS and any other bureaucracy centered in the DC area.

For those conspiracy theorists who posit strange tales of coups executed by the NSA/CIA/JCS etc--
aint never going to happen because there are simply no secrets inside the beltway--never have been never will be--the axis of power is from bureauracies to the media

Credit this current president with ignoring the sound and fury--although debit him for not using the bully pulpit to castigate these scoundrels.

Rick Ballard said...


I agree with your assessment regarding the bureacracies. I would add that part of what we are seeing is dislocation among the affinity groups within the agencies themselves due to the Reps finally beginning to use the power of the purse to effect changes in routes to advancement.

Looking at the Wilson's as sacrificial pawns who woke up and dodged the axe gives a different perspective to the situation. I wonder if Joe would have gone to Niger if he had actually known what "We'll be right behind you, buddy." really meant? Some educations are much more expensive than others.