Sunday, November 13, 2005

Has The Christian Science Monitor Been Infiltrated?

Take a gander at this neat bit of investigative reporting at the Viking Observer and tell me what you think. Meanwhile, the low coverage of the French riots by the MSM might be explained by the fact that they don't know where France is.


terrye said...

And to think we trust these people to tell us what is going on in the world.

That Christian Science story was like a plot for a bad movie or something.

truepeers said...

I'm not sure what to make of it. Could just be a lazy young reporter who was too uncomfortable with British snobbery that he changed his name. Or, he could be an inflitrator. In either case he could have given a story to please his captors in Iraq.

Peter UK said...
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Peter UK said...

Nassim/Brandon changed his name so he could more easily report on Arab events,this is shorthand for saying that a byline of Brandon would arouse less suspicion than Nassim.
This isn't snobbery on our behalf,there are probably more Nassims than Brandons in Britain now,it just makes the party line easier to peddle.

truepeers said...

Well, what you are saying, Peter, is that to be an elitist anti-western journalist it helps that you have a western name and gravitas when you spout off, blaming your countrymen for all the woes of the ME. It sounds better/fools more than the same words when it is just a "towel head" bitching. Snobbery, party line: little diff, not that I want to paint a whole nation as snobs; that would be, well, snooty on my part. :-)

Peter UK said...

You will just have to visit and find out for yourself,Americans seem to have a strange idea about Britain,well actually England.But don't you think that a palestinian writing about Israel could do more damage with a name like Cohen.
I always check writers for possible bias,names are just one.
BTW If he went to Westminster School he will be an ubersnob himself,wouldn't bother with the likes of us.:¬)

truepeers said...

Yes Peter you are right about the Pali Cohens. I just wanted to suggest that whether this chap changed his name for snob reasons or to better undermine the west, the end result is today the same, because the snobs - the elite liberals - are against the west's foundations, at least to some significant degree. Anyway, I have been to England many times, though not lately so I wonder what Blair has done to it. I even spent a couple of years in school over there in my primary years. My mother is English. I would like to think I have a good sense for your snobs, anti-snobs, and good folk who are smart enough to be neither. I love the true English too much to abide the parasitic snobs and resentful anti-snob snobs. (-:[

markg8 said...

I think this chap changed his name because he didn't want to get sent to the Middle East (especially Iraq) by the CSM or anyone else. It's my understanding Egyptian or British accented Arabic stands out like a Cockney accent in Minneapolis. And would make one just as suspect. It's one thing to be suspected of being a tool of the oppostion in Copenhagen, quite another in Najaf or Baghdad.

Peter UK said...

The liberals would much prefer a writer named Nassim than one called Brandon,especially the Guardian.
Blair all Blair is good at is being Blair,he is a good example of inverted snobbery,public school boy who speaks estuary English.