It's Muslim Mayhem Month!

Sunday, November 06, 2005
Don't miss this special report from our sports correspondent, Alhamedi.


terrye said...

I am really surprised nobody has lobbed off this guy's head.

thin ice.

funny though

David Thomson said...

The only thing saving him is his anonymity. He would probably be murdered within the first week if his name became public.

chuck said...


that's hilarious. But some of the Iraqi bloggers have also shown a fine touch with satire. The old G (Ghaith) had a post or two that cracked me up. The Baghdad theater is also supposed to have some good skits. I think this sort of humor runs in Arab veins, we just don't get to see it very often. I really look forward to some great films out of Iraq sometime in the future.

SneakyFeet said...

This guy's courage is even incredible than his sense of humor.

I wish him long life and joy.

Syl said...

Yes, I love this man's sense of humor. 'Religion of Losers' LOL

My Joe has been to the Kingdom a few times. He really enjoys the Saudis and has told me some wonderful stories of his experiences. I wish he would write about them, but he has no desire to do so. I couldn't do them justice and since they were all official visits it's not my place to do so.