The Latest Jewish Conspiracy

Thursday, November 03, 2005
Fjordman has sketched out the plot of a new Dutch novel: Jews conspire to kill Hirsi Ali and blame it on the Muslims. Wow, that is just too weird. There is some strange psychology going on here that I simply can't connect to. What viewpoint is so important and so threatened that its defense brings forth such idiocies? We live in the crazy times, for sure.


truepeers said...

Well this strange psychology we've seen before. One way of approaching it is to consider that many who have painted Jews as conpsirators over the last few hundred years have also been keen to see the Freemasons as (co)conspirators. Why is this?

In both cases there is a religious identification that is somehow a different category of religious identification from what the conspiracy theorist considers a proper kind of religious identification (and it raises the very tough sometimes troubling question of what is and isn't religius). For the Christian or Moslem, one actively chooses and publicly identifies one's religious identification. Whereas a Jew is a Jew by ethnicity and may or may not be religious, may or may not be "Jewish" in some sense. TO the Christian or Moslem zealot this ambiguity is suspect. Similarly, a Freemason has a secret religious identity that has an unclear relationship to his primary religious identity as a member of a church, etc. Thus many Masonic bodies make the official statement that they are not a religion. THough, of course, there is something religious about what they do.

All this makes Jews and Freemasons natural conspirators to the literary imagination. It is so old hat one wonders if this latest book was simply conceived in full knowledge that antisemitic conspiracy theory sells, or whether the author is a naif who just "naturally" came to this symbolism.

terrye said...

During the Black Death even Pope Clement could not stop people from blaming Jews for the plague.

When the Pope pointed out that the Jews were dying too it was completely irrelevant to the accusers.

Reason has nothing to do with it.

gumshoe1 said...

i find it fairly simple to understand:

a culture that builds itself thru
silencing opponents/terror/ intimidation and murder...
assumes that's how you problem-solve.

they assume,as many humans do,
that everyone on the globe has the same values they do.
"that's how EVERYONE problem-solves,non??".

thru that lens,
silencing opponents/terror/ intimidation and murder
are the currency,the tools,
the language of everyday life.