Oxblog Meets the Yutes

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
And discovers that they aren't nice people.


Knucklehead said...

Mr. Belton's tune changed rather abruptly. Earlier today he was reporting about how quiet the neighborhood was and how nice the people were. Mugged by reality (in the form of thugs) apparently.

Peter UK said...

Kids will be kids...the world over.

Rick Ballard said...

Reading Oxblog from time to ever less frequent time has left me with the impression of writers totally convinced of their intellectual superiority. While I would not argue that matter, someone might suggest to Mr. Belton that taking pictures of violent criminals at the scene of their crimes is not a profer of affirmative dispositive evidence concerning the intellectual standing of the photographer.

It's a move dumb enough to be worthy of Bob Fisk but I doubt that Mr. Belton would appreciate the comparision.

Oh well, some forms of education are more expensive than others.

Knucklehead said...

taking pictures of violent criminals at the scene of their crimes is not a profer of affirmative dispositive evidence concerning the intellectual standing of the photographer

True enough but it can be dispositive evidence of the social standing of the photographer relative to the subjects of his photography. If he's "in", he may snap photos. If he's "out" he may have his camera, umm..., confiscated.

Peter UK said...

What Belton does not understand,is that these street gang members know,to a penny,how much each item of clothiing you are wearing cost.
What chance had he with a camera,he is lucky he wasn't wearing designer underpants.
A predator doesn't growl at its prey it tries to approach it as close as possible wth out causing alarm.
All this is reminiscent of the introduction of of cats into Tasmania,where the became feral
I fear for this gently nurtured generation sometimes,Evolution,what evolution?

Rick Ballard said...


The creation of West Bank on the Left Bank implies that the Muslim population is the intended prey. Going after a non-Muslim is asking for more attention than the rent-seekers want. They need autonomous enclaves in order to create a thriving protection and drug racket. If Belton were a swarthy fellow he might not have had an opportunity to keep us up to date on his lack of imagination.

The French government's surrender terms should satisfy the sottocapoimams who will now quiet down the soldatoyouths in order to start sucking the population dry through intimidation.

I wonder if the youths will put up 'Mission Accomplished' signs in the Muslim banlieus this weekend?

Peter UK said...

A standard working practice of these swarthy young gentlemen is "steaming" a large gang will steam through a crowded area like a market,mugging robbing, assaulting and intimidating those who gent in their way.Sexual molestation of women is common.
My view on this is they were going over the top and Sarkozy decided to act to keep them within the bounds of public opinion.This is just their way of saying no.

The police are probably like ours and had been told to exercise sensitivity when dealing with the ethnic community,to the extent that low level street crime is ignored,the odd bag snatch or car theft,"Here's your crime number for the insurance company" .
The crime rate inside the Banlieus is probaly horrific,as most crime are committed within these communities,but will not count on official figure.
I have no doubt that there are several dead in the Banlieus,purely from the way the lads in our cities do a little drive by plinking.
There is a nasty smell of a whitewash there.

Anonymous said...

Henri Cartier Bresson would have a tough time with that crowd.