Roger L. Simon

Monday, November 14, 2005
is the person featured today at the Pajamas Media site. Roger's Place is where most of the contributors here at YARGB made each others acquaintance. Roger provides a clean, well lighted place where topics of interest can be discussed freely. There is rarely any question as to where Roger stands on the topics which he chooses to cover and I admire the courage he has shown by taking a very firm stand in favor of prosecuting the war. Hollywood is not the most comfortable place to work for those holding such views.

I am sure that I am expressing the feelings of the contributors here in wishing Roger and Charles the best of luck with their new venture.

Thank you, Roger, for the work that you have done in raising awareness of the danger that the world faces and for providing a forum for its discussion.


vnjagvet said...

Even Roger hasn't linked to his pajamas bio yet, Rick. You actually scooped him.

In any event, congratulations are in order to Roger who has hosted one of the most civil and interesting comments section on the blogosphere.

And his posts are uniformly balanced, nuanced and fairly expressed which sets the example for us all.

terrye said...

Yes...I hope pajama media works out for Roger and Charles.

Jamie Irons said...

Roger has provided a place for serious, au courant, perceptive, deep, and intelligent people whose only "agenda" is trying to understand the world we live in, in a way which takes rational account both of its opportunities and its dangers.

I have been very happy to meet that sort there. Even though in their company I am little more than an annoying troll, they have been patient with me.


Jamie Irons

Syl said...

I love trolls, of the Jamie variety. They pretend to taste icky but they're really delicious.


And, I too wish only the best for Roger and company! His blog was a haven for me while I attempted to sort out this new (to me) breed of American called 'Republican'. It was wonderful to have a place where people such as I could learn and could contribute what was going through our heads through the process.

Knucklehead said...

Roger's Place is the finest "tavern" on the block. All the best, Roger.

ambisinistral said...

I started posting there just before the Democratic Convention. Ahh... the good ol' days of magic hats, catapulting dogs and Teh-ree-zah announcing she was just your average African-American.

Roger's always was, and still is, a quality place to read. I wish him and all his cohorts well in their Pajamas Media efforts.

truepeers said...

Best wishes to Roger; last minute guesses as to the new name?

markg8 said...

So is anybody going to the grand opening to see Judith Miller?

Erik said...

I can only agree. Roger's is a great blog to read, both the posts and the comments.

Best wishes to Roger and company.

Morgan said...

I also wish Roger and Charles well in the new venture.

I've been following the updates at Dennis the Peasant (those of you who were around when he commented at Roger's place surely remember him), and he's clearly very angry with both of them over his former involvement in the whole deal. Ironically, that's made him the current darling of the lefty blogosphere - a Republican, troll-tossing, CPA, linked approvingly by Atrios.

By they way, you guys are running a really great blog here.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


Thanks. Please email me at yahoo dott com.


I agree with what a poster at LGF said: this post is what class looks like. You are to be commended.