See for yourself

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

(... with a hat tip to Michelle Malkin)


terrye said...

Maybe the Democrats who were were around back then talking about Iraq were all abducted by aliens and replaced by imposters.

Invasion of the brain snatchers.

They had the same lapses about Social Security. I can remember Clinton and his party leaders saying the system was going to go belly up if we did not deal with it.

Now they say we can wait until 2043.

Makes you wonder.

Syl said...

Dont worry, Terrye, the Revision Busters are out in full force!

I think the Dems are already backing off. They've turned to plans for bringing the troops home (surrender).

They're simply disgraceful.

Syl said...

But that googly thing is great!!

terrye said...


The Democrats are so desperate to get back in power that they have lost sight of everything else.