Stonewall Blanco

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
The Senate committee overseeing homeland security has been attempting to investigate the response to hurricane Katrina, but it is running into a wall of obstruction from officials in Louisiana. On October 7th the Senate panel requested that Governor Blanco provide them with assorted documentation covering what disaster plans she had in place in the event of something like Katrina occurred, and what steps were put in place following the "Hurricane Pam" simulated disaster scenario.

On October 25th, Governor Blanco's office asked for an additional ninety days to respond to the request, citing their involvement in recovering from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. So perhaps by early next year, barring any records getting lost or destroyed, or computer hard drives unfortunately crashing, we may finally get some answers as to what decisions Blanco and Mayor Nagin made both before and in the immediate aftermath of Katrina making landfall.

If not, the Republicans can always shut down the Senate in protest.


Knucklehead said...


Katreener and Reeter to the rescue! Must be nice to have a fallback position like...

"Heh, I was fixin' to give y'all those records and computers but dang if they warn't warshed yonder in that ol' storm surge!"

BTW, OT, but I noticed last night while clicking through the news on TV that pretty much any reporting about anything to do with N'awlins still shows vast areas of flooded city. Does anyone know (where is that Recalcitrant Pellican these days?) if N'awlins is still widely flooded (to rooftop and cartop levels) or are they using file footage to keep the heartstrings tugged taut?

RogerA said...

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and Ron Nagin should both face negligent homicide charges in their shoddy response to Katrina--

Note that NO OTHER GOVERNOR nor other state has had the problems (or indictments) that Louisiana have had--Everyone else seems to have had their stuff together, are getting it fixed, and moving on.

Oh--did I mention that Blanco and Nagin are democrats? as are the levee boards? gee--what a strange twist of fate.

Upcoming elections will tell us much about the moral rot that is Louisana politics--should Lousianans not vote these charlatans out, they deserve what they get.

terrye said...


I wonder if those are old pictures. I heard that the city is completely drained.

I bet the Blanco people don't even have a plan or paperwork or anything else to give them.

Too incompetent.

Knucklehead said...


Here it is: New Orleans Pumped Dry from Oct. 13. So why do these dopey newscasts keep showing us flood waters? There must be more than enough wreckage and ruin to provide ample video of the perfidy of the Bush Administration even if there is no water. Heck, formerly flooded areas look worse after the water is gone than they do while the water is there.

I alsdo found this important news - Katrina could spell trouble for voodoo in New Orleans.

Anyone know the effective range of those dolls they jab the pins into?

And yet more good governance in NOLA (New Orleans commission struggles with infighting).

But there is some good news: New Orleans Fire Officers for Desertion.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

The rules are clear and simple.

When the Republicans shut down the Senate, that will be "shutting down the government". That's awful! That just shows how evil they are.

When the Democrats shut down the Senate they are taking a principled stand, speaking "truth to power". That just shows how altruistic they are.