They are everywhere

Monday, November 14, 2005
The Islamic fascists are everywhere.

They kill and terrorize people around the world. From the Phillipines to London and from Indonesia to Kashmir they spread their fascist ideology and murder like a plague.

They hate Jews and Christians and Buddhists and Hindu. They do not want dialogue or debate and they consider the western tendency to negotiation to be a sign of weakness.

They mutilate women and imprison children and yet the left can not see them for what they are.

It is more comforting to hate Bush, to hope that when he goes away all the bad stuff goes with him..

For a little globe trotting with the jihadis go check this

At last Bush is calling them what they are, fascists.

I hope he also stands up to the historical revisionists on the other side of the aisle before they gain more political power and surrender to the barbarians.


truepeers said...

Yes, that's right Terrye. People hate Bush because they need to believe that the violence of the Jihadists is caused by our victimizing them. To think that the violence is irrational resentment and glorification of war is something many simply aren't yet mentally capable of doing. But every time Pres. Bush advances the name game, he pushes us a little closer to the new reality that his daring foreign policy has helped unleashed. I don't want to blame him, but let's give him credit for being the agent of change the left rightly fears he is.

BTW, you need to fix your link.

markg8 said...

Bush has called them a lot of names but I've yet to hear him call them fascists.

terrye said...


Well to hear him you would have to actually listen to him.

It took him awhile to come out and say it, but he did indeed call their ideology Islamic fascism. And Blair is getting braver about saying it as well. Political correctness can make idiots of us all.

Go check it out or do I have to do everything for you?

terrye said...

Didn't Syl do a post about this awhile back in which she took excerpts from Bush's speech?

markg8 said...

They always seem to recover the head in Indonesia. Anybody know if that's the case elsewhere? I don't think I've seen that in any other suicide bombing anywhere else. Why would that be? Style of bomb belt? Type of explosive?

Peter UK said...

With many it is a defence mechanism,displacement,it is much easier to blame Bush.Terrorism,Katrina,their busines fails,blame Bush,it is much easier than confronting the real problem and perhaps recognising their own insignificance in events beyond their control

terrye said...

link is fixed

terrye said...


I saw a horrid picture of a young woman who blew herself up and her head was recovered. She was Palestinian.

Syl said...

Bush uses the specific term 'Islamic radicalism' however he points out in his Oct 2005 speech that it has other names as well.

"Some call this evil Islamic radicalism; others, militant Jihadism; still others, Islamo-fascism."

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Bush finally did called them "Islamofascists" and did not use the phrase "religion of peace."

markg8 said...

Ok I humbly stand corrected again, he called them fascists...and this denotes what? He has a new strategy to DEFEAT them?

Oh I'm sorry that's right, most of his statement was targetted at Democrats before he bugged out of the country on a trip to Asia that his own national security advisor says won't accomplish much. According to the AP he's supposed to talk about beef exports in Japan - they are expected to start importing again which is good news - and the trade deficit in China which isn't.

Frankly if I were I him I wouldn't want to be in DC either.

Jamie Irons said...


You write:

They kill and terrorize people around the world. From the Phillipines to London and from Indonesia to Kashmir they spread their fascist ideology and murder like a plague...

They have been found in Lodi, about 20 miles from where I sit.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Why do bad things happen to good people? Is this not the fundamental religious question?

We all know the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"--feel them nearly every day in fact. Why do they occur?

There seem to be three basic theories: God does it, Man does, it just happens. There is no way objectively to pick among these because they all exist beyond the edge of the knowable. People pick and choose among them according to their inclinations, needs, or experiences.

If Man does it, that can be very empowering, very liberating. For one thing, if all evil can be laid at the feet of the current king, then all we have to do to lift the evil is to murder this king. This is a theme much older than George Bush, much older than the Presidency itself. It goes back to the most fundamental primitive religious notions. The cult of Osiris is a sort of embodiment of this very notion, with one single king being repeatedly killed each year. Calls for impeachment are subconscious calls for religious redemptoin.

Peter UK said...

This practice was widespread throughout the Celtic tribes of Europe,it is the most probable result of displacement.
It is also reflected in the ritual nature of the preparations by suicide bombers and the slaughtering of captives by beheading.

Syl said...

He has a new strategy to DEFEAT them?

You've missed the point (why am I surprised.)

The same strategy Bush has always had. Iraq was part of it, but back then people erroneously thought this war was only about al Qaeda and all we need to do is retaliate against them. Hence they did not understand Iraq.

In the ensuing years it's become obvious its about more than any specific terrorist group, and the terror is only part of a worldwide fascist movement. So Bush can actually identify it as such.

The muslim world is beginning to see this just as clearly as Bush does.

Back then the Arab street would indeed have risen up if Bush had said any such thing. They would have perceived it as an assault on Islam. Now they perceive this movement as a shame upon Islam.

Thus Bush is free to speak. (You do know that as leader of the free world, Bush speaks to more than just Americans whenever he opens his mouth.)

Rick Ballard said...


I'm hoping that the "religion of peace" formulation has been permanently retired. I don't care if Islmofascist is used or discarded.

I just wish he would call them terrorist scum and declare that from this day forward they will not be detained any longer than it takes to try them and hang them.

The number of terrorists executed to date is pitiful.

Peter UK said...

It really isn't a matter of whether President Bush gets it but whether the Left can stop spewing bile whilst its head rotates to realise "They don't like us they really don't like us".
Even the WWII communists were capable of understanding the concept of a common enemy,the current lot seem to think they have some kind of immunity bestowed by their moral superiority.

markg8 said...

"Calls for impeachment are subconscious calls for religious redemptoin"

Well no, calls for impeachment are concious calls to redeem the country's int'l. reputation. He's broken US torture laws and stretched the truth so far in making his case for war in Iraq nobody believes us.

Case in point, the US has in it's possession a laptop captured last year that shows that Iran is trying to figure out how to make a nuclear warhead according to the NYT. I think we can all agree a nuclear armed Iran isn't in our best interests?

Well this is the kind of reaction we get. From the article:

"I can fabricate that data," a senior European diplomat said of the documents. "It looks beautiful, but is open to doubt."

....The Bush administration, seeming to understand the depth of its credibility problem, is only talking about the laptop computer and its contents in secret briefings, more than a dozen so far.

....As a measure of the skepticism the Bush administration faces, officials said the American ambassador to the international atomic agency, Gregory L. Schulte, was urging other countries to consult with his French counterpart. "On Iraq we disagreed, and on Iran we completely agree," a senior State Department official said. "That gets attention."

....Without revealing the source of the computer, American intelligence officials insisted that it had not come from any Iranian resistance groups."

During the Cuban Missile Crisis JFK sent the US ambassador to see DeGaulle with U-2 photos of the sites. DeGaulle waved them away saying if the US President said it, it was good enough for him.

Now European diplomats' first public reaction is to assume that our evidence is faked. We have to ask the French to vouch for it's credibility.

As Kevin Drum says:
"And the Chalabi fiasco in Iraq combined with the dubious track record of Iranian resistance groups makes the provenance of the laptop about as iffy as Dan Rather's National Guard memos."

This is what happens with sneering "my way or the highway" foreign policy. It irritates people. When you've already given them reason to dislike you and then you've deceived them to boot, like Bush did over Iraq then they not only think you're a jerk, they think you're a lying jerk. That makes getting cooperation
the next time, like now when Iran may really be trying to build nuclear weapons that much harder.

It doesn't take psychoanalysis or an in depth examination of partisan rhetoric to figure out why we want to get rid of Bush. We want him gone because he's a lousy CiC and he's made us less safer.

markg8 said...

I agree with this statement:

"The number of terrorists executed to date is pitiful."

But the number of innocents we've killed trying to get them is outrageous and is only serving to inspire more jihadis.

terrye said...


Calls to impeach Bush are insane pure and simple.... and considering the little show that Democrats are putting on right now concerning Iraq I think making any comments about a nuclear Iran based on a laptop are really dumb.

I can see it now, we go in there, there is no program right in front of us or it is not as advanced as we thought.... and the same people talking up Iranian laptops today will be singing a different tune, claiming they were lied to. They would jump ship like the rats they are.

Now if you think putting Saddam Hussein back in power is going to redeem something other than his murder spree you are sadly mistaken.

I can see it now...Harry Reid standing next to a smiling Saddam as they prepare to break ground on the Reid Memorial Mass Grave..oh yeah, that will work for Democrats come election time.

I stood up to the tyrant before I kissed the tyrant's ass.

And as far as the 'my way or the highway foreign policy' it should be remembered that it was Germany that said Saddam was reconstituting his nuclear program. France said the same thing. Russia said Saddam was planning attacks in our country.

So now I am supposed to wonder if our honor can be restored in the eyes of the same people who took bribes from Saddam and created a great deal of this mess in the first place?

Forget it.

What you have are a lot of sore losers who can not accept the fact they got their ass whipped in the last election.

A lot of them are journalists who are just plain biased. Look at how many former Democratic strategists end up in the media. It is a joke.

And when it comes to getting Bush there is nothing that is beneath them. no ethics, no decency, nothing else matters.

If you told them they had two choices:

1] Iraq could turn into a decent country with respect for the rule of law and a future not in the control of a mass murdering dictator...and George Bush gets some of the credit for that.

2] Iraq collapses, thousands of people died, Islam implodes and enters its own dark ages. And Bush gets blamed.

Most of the folks yammering about impeachment would pick one without a moment's hesitation.

Peter UK said...


1] Iraq could turn into a decent country with respect for the rule of law and a future not in the control of a mass murdering dictator...and George Bush gets some of the credit for that.

2] Iraq collapses, thousands of people died, Islam implodes and enters its own dark ages. And Bush gets blamed.

The insane part is the "liberals" would pick the second option in the belief that it is better to crow on a dunghill than not crow at all.

terrye said...


Yes, I was being sarcastic but you are right...they don't realize that it is not all about them or Bush for that matter.

In a couple of years Bush will be gone in any event..then what will they do?

Who gets the blame then? Will it be Bush for decades to come?

Peter UK said...

Yes.They would say one but would be drooling over the prospect over of two,if it were not for all the nice sane people one would almost like to grant them their wish.

interesting article by Mark Steyn

terrye said...


Steyn has an interesting point: France already is a nuclear power. What if the demographics there continue as they are?

chuck said...


Even the WWII communists were capable of understanding the concept of a common enemy

Only after the Russian homeland was invaded. ISTR that a communist led Australian labor union was trying to organize strikes at a defense plant before that happened. Similar things probably went on in England too.

Peter UK said...

The government percentages are wilfully deceptive,distribution is not even,there are areas of most major European cities where immigrants are in the majority,even some towns where this is so.Whilst this is not important where there are truly multicultural communities,where there are monocultural communities,what that culture is is crucial.
In any conflict it isn't always neccessary to have overall superiority of numbers,localised superiority will suffice.This was evidenced in the Banlieus,what if this was in an area where there was an armoury or a naval dockyard.
In a decade or two there will be overall political control of some of Europes cities where the institutions of government are,banks,data bases,telecommunications broadcasting.
It is worth remembering that revolutionaries sieze control of the levers of power not neccessarily the whole country.In Holland the contempt shown by the slaughter in broad daylight of Theo van Gogh would seem to indicate that militant Islam believe that that is within their grasp.

Peter UK said...

Indeed they did,especially the unions.What would be the eqvivalent releasing some of the Guantanamo hardcases in San Franscisco?

Syl said...


How do I put this gently...Bush did NOT LIE. Our intelligence community screwed up.

One of the reasons is that Saddam's was a stalinist type regime that couldn't be penetrated to get the real goods. Even those who worked closest to Saddam didn't know what the heck was really going on. Compartmentalize information so nobody knows what the other is doing, and you end up with the result the CIA did.

As for Chalabi, those are really false charges. He passed on some stuff that was excellent and useful. The main item people complain about is the aluminum tubes and to this day there is NO consensus on them. They are an anomaly. If they were used for missiles, not centrigues, they could only be used in a missile that Iraq was no longer using.

And the degree to which the inner diameter was tooled was impossible with Iraqi equipment and cost too much and was useless for their purported use anyway. Besides it was proscribed, so what was Saddam's point in purchasing them?

It could be as simple as throwing us off. I repeat. There was no consensus as to their use, but the vast majority of agencies weighing in said it was for centrifuges.

So just because you hear of one piece of evidence that 'refutes something' does not mean that is the case. ALL the analysis is weighed. You cannot cherry pick!

Just had to get that off my chest.

And, oh, leave Chalabi alone. He's one of the good guys whether the left wants to believe it or not.

Syl said...

As for doubting our intelligence on Iran, don't blame Bush! Sheesh.

And remember, Iran is not a Stalinist regime. It's not as difficult to get information out of there as it was in Iraq.

Peter UK said...

One has only to look a the Super Gun that Gerald Bull was designing for Saddam Hussein to realise that there was all kinds of,to use a technical term.weird shit that had been produced or sold to Iraq.I took decades to sift through the weaponry discovered in Germany at the end of WWII.
There is also the possibility of Saddam Hussein being conned,that he bought the tubing in "good faith" illegally,what is he going to do,who is going to tell him that the tubing is only fit to make thermos flasks?
It was definite that Iraq was being sold substandard goods by suppliers via the black market,it was quite possiblt stitched up here as well

Syl said...

Excellent point, Peter! Duping the duper. Yes, it makes sense.

For everything that has happened since 9/11 people look only at Bush. They miss the actions and motives of all the other actors.

markg8 said...

You're losing it folks. C'mon placing Saddam back in power? Rooting for terrorists? Are your views so limited you only see options that are 100% one way or the other?

I don't really want to see Bush impeached. The last thing we need is President Cheney and sooner or later he's probably going to get indicted for torture or Plame anyway. President Hastert = power vacuum.

But I would like to see Bush turn over his cabinet. Fire Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of them. All of them, not just the foreign policy hacks but the political appointees he's made, like Mike Brown at FEMA who have little or no experience and replace them with professionals. At EPA, Interior, Energy, Education, name a federal agency and there's a bunch of people at the top who are former lobbyists or fundraisers handing out favors, contracts or preferred legislation to their wellheeled cronies. Virtually none of these deals are in the best interests of the American people. Clean house.

There are plenty of conservative Republicans to fill these positions. Jim Baker could take over for Cheney and Scowcroft could take over for Rumsfeld.

Get rid of the foreign policy idealogues who have screwed up Iraq and put in realists who prefer results to hairbrained think tank policies that don't work in the real world.

Get rid of the legal advisors who put us in the same moral gutter as Saddam and Zarqawi by "redefining torture" down to their levels.

Get rid of the financial advisors who think we can fight those wars for decades while gutting the government's financial underpinnings with tax cuts driving us deeply into debt to nations like Communist China
and Saudi Arabia who don't share our values.

And last but not least get rid of the political advisors who think calling half of America traitors because we object to all of the above in wartime is the way to unite this nation for wars on two fronts.

There'll be plenty of time later after the ship is righted to punish Bush and the rest of them for the high crimes and misdemeaners they've commited while in office. But frankly there are so many of them, some crimes like torture are so egregious, and the political divisions so large (thanks Karl), we may have to have some kind of truth and reconciliation commission to sort it all out.

George Bush can't save himself at this point - only forestall the inevitable - but he can do the right thing for the country and maybe help salvage a truncated Republican party
if he takes these measures. If not?
We're screwed, all of us.

Peter UK said...

"Mr President,Central Heating Man has just called,we'd better do as he says!"