The Future is Now

Friday, January 06, 2006

But it's not here. It's in China.


terrye said...

I remember seeing a new story on the rebuilding of Shanghai. The city is almost entirely new.

Of course they do not have to worry about stuff like environmental impact studies or paper work...they just build.

How long will it take to build something to replace the Twin Towers?

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Terrye, Have you ever considered that environmentalism is a sort of death-wish?

truepeers said...

The future is certainly China for a lot of non-CHinese architects. Will we soon read an article about the latest structural wonders in Beijing or Shanghai, in which many or all of the architects mentioned are CHinese?

chuck said...

I've wondered about the foundations of the tall buildings in Shanghai. I mean, the place is on a river delta and was once mostly mudflats. Is there good solid rock underneath someplace? Look at the profile of NYC and you can see where the underlying rock comes near the surface. Anyway, anyone know?

terrye said...


Yes, I have as a matter of fact.

The Chinese will be building a base on the moon and we will still be fighting about ANWR.