The Impeachment Follies

Monday, January 02, 2006
I was no fan of Richard Nixon but I am beginning to think that the journalists who brought him down are potentially as dangerous as he was.

At least there are term limits for Presidents. The Media just goes on and on and on.

And while I did not think Clinton was a good man, I did think impeachment was over the top. A censure would have sufficed. But even the Republicans can fall prey to partisan revenge. Like I said, I am not defending Clinton...I just think Bush is paying the price for some of that rancor today.

The country is stuck in the impeachment cycle and given the fact that we do have an enemy that cycle could get a lot of Americans killed. This has gone on long enough.

The Anchoress has some interesting links on the subject of partisan madness and leaks. Just scroll down.

I especially found her post on Aj Strata's suggestion that the public bring a class action suit against the media to be very interesting.


flenser said...

My first thought when the NSA story broke was that in the event of another terrorist attack in the US, those affected should file a class action suit against the media, or at least the Times.

Maybe thats the only thing which will get their attention.

Syl said...


terrye said...

The interesting thing is that the ACLU and a lot of absolutist libertarians are on the same side in this.