Ode To The Left

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
The Planster's Vision

Cut down that timber! Bells, too many and strong,
Pouring their music through the branches bare,
From moon-white church-towers down the windy air
Have pealed the centuries out with Evensong.
Remove those cottages, a huddled throng!
Too many babies have been born in there,
Too many coffins, bumping down the stair,
Carried the old their garden paths along.

I have a Vision of The Future, chum,
The workers' flats in fields of soya beans
Tower up like silver pencils, score on score
And Surging Millions hear the Challenge come
From microphones in communal canteens
"No Right! No Wrong! All's perfect, evermore."

--Sir John Betjeman


Buddy Larsen said...

And high up in
unhamper'd air

new people sit and tv stare

and wonder when the leaders there

will cure this boredom
so unfair

and send some workers up the stair

to help them change
their underwear.

flenser said...

Hey, you know the third verse!

Buddy Larsen said...

oh lordy, please don't encourage me....