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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is everyone else enjoying the Kerry flap as much as I am? Talk about chickens coming home to roost. It strikes me that there was a lot of dry windfall lying on the ground just waiting for a spark. And who better than Kerry to drop the burning match?

The Democrats are going to find it hard to respond. First, many *do* believe the troops are an inferior sort. Oh, they may say this is due to poverty or lack of education, but the basic attitude remains. Indeed, I have seen a number of defenses along the lines of "Kerry simply spoke the truth." The other defense seems to be that the right-wingnuts are just misrepresenting the quote and fanning the flames. Well, the fanning the flames part is true, but there has to be fuel for the fire to spread.

What is somewhat odd is the defense some consevatives are making of the remarks, Derbyshire for instance. Maybe the left isn't the only collection of geniuses threatened by the raving hordes. It will be interesting to see where George Will comes down.


loner said...

The last campaign week during Presidential-election years is more interesting. This is the most interesting off-year since 1998. Still not sure if it's going to be a bloodbath or just a bad headache for the party in power.

Very entertaining, too. The Internet expands by orders of magnitude the universe of stupidity (and occasional insight) available for leisurely perusal.

truepeers said...

It would have been relatively easy for Skerry to back out of this brouhaha at the get go with an apology for a backfired joke - the ambiguity is there, though he cannot escape fully the revelation of his contempt for the Ordinary Spear Carriers of America (Oscas).

However, he didn't do this, presumably because of his idolatrous attachment to the resentful idea of fighting-by-not-fighting for power. In other words, the full extent of his previous humiliation has not sunk in so as to humble another sinful man. The defensive walls are so thick, the idolatry such a core aspect of the man's identity since childhood, it can't sink in.

Fascinating how one can be so public and so blind: maybe that is why the Derbyshires sniff the mediated airs, sense, and counsel caution before the Oscas?

Knucklehead said...

As far as I'm concerned no suffering is too great for John F. Kerry. What a detestable human being he is.

Sissy Willis said...

Loving it, big time. As the Veep is reported to be about to say at a speech this evening, "Kerry was for the joke before he was against it."

False but accurate comes home to roost

terrye said...

If it had not been for his history the remarks might not have been such a big deal.

And the man is just such a prick.

gumshoe1 said...


"Kerry was the joke before he was against it."