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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
The Corner on National Review Online: "who brings down two hostile, tyrannous regimes in one year, and while a long regional war — actually the first stage in a worldwide war declared by terrorists for the past 20 years — was grinding on also managed the most radical transformation of the American armed forces in sixty years? "

Look, it's not every day I approve of something Michael Novak says.


David Thomson said...

"Look, it's not every day I approve of something Michael Novak says."

You should try reading his splendid The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism. Novak is a super star scholar. His Catholicism is admittedly something of a turn off, but he's still worth listening to.

Syl said...

I heart Rummy.

And anybody who accomplishes what he has is going to make lots of enemies--like Shinseki.

And I bet you most Democrats going to the polls next Tuesday cannot name the general in charge over in Iraq--but they do know that a general name Shinseki, whoever he might be, disagrees with Rumsfeld therefore Shinseki's word is unimpeachable.

There's something a little rotten here.