Byron York on Conrad Burns

Friday, November 03, 2006
I always enjoy Byron York's work and I've found him to be a model journalist with regard to attention to detail and ability to assemble a coherent narrative that reflects reality. I'm somewhat puzzled by this piece because it skips Burns' central campaign thesis which can be summed up nicely in the slogan; "Vote Burns - He Brings Home the Bacon" and the sidemeat and the loins and the hams and the baby back ribs and pigs feet for appetizers plus the snout and the last squeal.

If Burns brings this one off, it's going to be a pig that carries him to victory. The same is true for Simmons, Johnson and Shays in Connecticut, who should all sail down to Washington aboard a sub leaving from Electric Boat's Groton yard on the Thames. With Joe Lieberman at the helm, naturally.

Pork - it's what real voters eat.

UPDATE: A new Mason-Dixon poll illustrates the power of a good hog caller. As the cry of 'Sooeee, pig, pig, pig' echos accross the high plains the herd begins to drift back along the trail of fodder towards the salt and water that memory tells them awaits.

That's probably the final poll for Montana and Mason-Dixon is a decent company - it's interesting how Rasmussen has revised his last poll. He really doesn't want to be outside the MOE. That might lessen his value as a prognosticator.


Doug said...

Doesn't the fact that his opponent is fairly radical lefty have something to do with it, being Montanna, and all?

Rick Ballard said...

To the extent that a political philosophy can be determined from Tester's incoherent rambling I would say that he is no "radical lefty". He's a "man of the soil" - particularly from ear to ear. The lefties like him because he's a cut n' runner with a granolaist edge.

Montanans are well noted for their fiercely independent libertarian outlook. Unless you're talking about federal subsidies, of course. That's an entirely different matter and they'll kill ya if you try and drag 'em away from the trough. Burns has kept the trough full for years and the Montanan's memories are coming back.

David Thomson said...

"Pork - it's what real voters eat."

Gee golly, somebody just found this out? Voters are hypocrites. They are always against federal government spending unless it happens to occur in their district.

I remain optimistic regarding Tuesday. Republicans are going to treat this election similarly to a presidential year. They will turn out in larger numbers than their Democratic party opposites. It is my hunch that pollsters are blinding themselves to reality. A very high percentage of them are left wingers. Knock on wood. Let’s hope I’m right.

Doug said...

No, no! all the Stupid Evangelicals will stay home 'cause of that damned Crystal Methodist!
- Savage

vnjagvet said...

It's getting down to nut cuttin' time. The question is would you rather have Harry Reid doin' the butcherin'?

If money is the mother's milk of politics, what is pork?

It's what keeps incumbents in office, that's what.

Just ask ex Kleagle Robert (Sheets) Byrd. He's the current master of masters.

Doug said...

A Grand Master of Sorts.
Or a Grand Wizard, at least.

Ed onWestSlope said...

Rick Ballard
If I promise not to put back on the web, Can I vocally use this phrase?
'He's a "man of the soil" - particularly from ear to ear.'

Rick Ballard said...


You may use it wherever you wish. Check the update - the power of pork is truly on display.

It's that or there's been just a teeny bit of push polling going on.

chuck said...

I sometimes argue, tongue only somewhat in cheek, that low voter turnouts are a consequence of insufficient corruption. Back in the days when patronage ruled and bureaucrats came and went with their party, there were many with a deeply vested interest in the outcome of elections. Not so today. I can't say I am completely convinced that a bureaucracy that persists unchanged election after election is a real improvement.

Seneca the Younger said...

But Chuck, isn't the result of a corrupt machine also to perpetuate a bureaucracy that survives unchaning, election to election?