Cafe Hayek: Applying Some of Friedman's Wisdom

Friday, November 17, 2006
Cafe Hayek: Applying Some of Friedman's Wisdom: "Reflecting on the recent election, I conclude that people can be divided into three groups. Members of the first group (consisting of left-liberals and some conservatives) imagine that society is a consciously created machine requiring an operator and a bevy of busy technicians to keep it working properly. Members of the second group (consisting of libertarians and some conservatives) understand that society is a complex and undesigned organism that, when rules of private property are well-enough entrenched, works quite well according to its own logic - a working that is typically disrupted for the worse by government meddling.

The third group is made up of politicians and their hangers-on: they see society as a she-goat to be milked for their own power and glory."