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Saturday, November 04, 2006
The Corner on National Review Online: "[W]hether the Republicans or Democrats are in power, Washington’s word must mean something. Leadership is about responsibility, not just politics. We cannot go around the world betraying our allies—in this case Iraqis who believed in us or allied with us—just because of short-term political expediency. This is not just about Iraq: If we abandon Iraq, we will not only prove correct all of Usama Bin Laden’s rhetoric about the US being a paper tiger, but we will also demonstrate—as James Baker and George H.W. Bush did in 1991—that listening to the White House and alliance with the United States is a fool’s decision. We can expect no allies anywhere, be they in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, if we continue to sacrifice principles to short-term realist calculations. It’s not enough to have an attention span of two years, when the rest of the world thinks in decades if not centuries."


terrye said...

This is the absolute truth.

I know people are pissed that Maliki is not coming down harder on the militia, but considering the fact that a lot of folks are ready to saw off that limb he is on...should we be surprised if he looks elsewhere for support?

Iraqis risked their lives to vote and since then thousands of them have died, it is not as if it has been a picnic for them either.

But we can leave, they can't. If we run out on them why would, how could anyone trust us again?