Thank you New York Times

Saturday, November 04, 2006
Doug Ross @ Journal: "The net result, though, is that the Times has confirmed several critical facts regarding Iraq:

  1. Saddam's government had mature WMD programs just prior to the invasion (bioweapons, chemical, and nuclear).
  2. Saddam was only months away from building an atomic weapon.
  3. Saddam's government had multiple, operational ties to global terror groups, including Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

Thank you, New York Times!"


terrye said...

So smart they are dumb.

If those scientists were so worried about this why did they wait until now to make an issue of it.

Oh yeah, there is an election coming up isn't there. This is not the first time foreigners have tried to influence an election and used the NYT to do it.

Backfired on them. Of course Andrea Mitchell says it will backfire on the right wing bloggers but what does she know?