A Curiosity

Saturday, November 04, 2006
The National Republican Senate Committee put $849,205 into the Michigan Senate race on the 1st. The Michigan State Republican Party has been spending steadily, although in small amounts, all along in this race. I wonder if this one is under the radar? Certainly, Michigan is not participating in the general economic well being. The unemployment rate in Michigan for September was 7.1% (against a national rate of 4.5%).

The Reps dropped $1.4 million into Maryland in the last few days - and $600K into Montana. Tennessee appears to be in hand with Missouri and Virginia getting the lion's share of the spending. It would be a real kick if Michigan and Maryland went in the win column. I'd trade away DeWine and Chaffee for Bouchard and Steele any day of the week.


David Thomson said...

Republicans are going to do very well on Tuesday. Their voters realize that this off year election is almost equally important as the one deciding the presidency. Only the hard core Democrats will bother to vote. The GOP "mainstream" will not stay home.

CF said...


ick, do we really have the trade option? Wowsers.

Rick Ballard said...

Novak had the Michigan race as a sleeper very early. I've been watching it - and watching the Michigan party spending. The amount of money hasn't been very big but it's all going to GOTV and registration. Stabenow won by 67K votes in '00 and the Reps picked up a net 52K votes in the Presidential race between '00 and '04. In the total House vote they picked up a net 436K votes and actually beat the Dems by 46K votes. Michigan is definitely going to be in play for the Reps in '08 if anybody but McCain is the candidate.

Michigan is actually just slightly behind Wisconsin in making the shift but the horrendous economy in Michigan may be enough for them to boot both Stabenow and Granholm. I've still got my fingers crossed for Green in Wisconsin. If he's elected then Wisconsin will go Republican for President in '08.

Is 'ick' my new name? It lacks a bit of panache.

Fresh Air said...


I mean, er, [R]ick--

Michigan is just like Illinois. It has one large city that specializes in voter fraud and controlled by Mediacrats. The only difference is that Chicago gained population in the last census, while Detroit is losing like 1,000 people a day. When the votes exceed the population of Wayne County, I think it's fair to say that fraud has something to do with it.

Perhaps this is the turning point. Ohio reached it a few years ago, when Cleveland's fraud no longer mattered. Missouri, too, is this category with St. Louis a shadow of its former self population-wise. Michigan and Wisconsin are the next two.

Illinois, I'm afraid, won't succumb for about another two decades, if then.

Barry Dauphin said...


I'd like to think that Stabenow is vulnerable, but the in-state polls have been consistently Stabenow and Bouchard hasn't been running as many ads (although I've been in CA at a conference for the last few days, so maybe something has changed). She is quite awful. The hilarious thing is that recently her ads have tried to protray her as (drum roll please)...a tax cutter!?

My lot in life gets worse however. Who is "my" representative you might ask? Dingell. Pray for me.