The Democrats are not the only ones

Friday, November 17, 2006
The Democrats are not the only ones who have been lead astray by the bloggers.

I think the Republicans were as well. I think that the Democrats got their defeat from their internet friends with Kerry and Lamont and the GOP got theirs in the midterms with a host of conservatives who ran on {drum roll please} earmarks! As if most people know or care what earmarks are. We are in a war and these guys get excited about earmarks.

Even now the center right bloggers are upset that the GOP did not consult them when they picked their new leadership. Instead those bad Republicans picked people like Lott and Martinez who as we all know have not been exactly enamoured with immigration hardliners or the pork busters campaign. But then again if we look at the recent elections, neither were the voters.

After all Lott and Snowe and Lugar won their elections easily, it was the Allens and Santorums who had a problem.

So the same folks who said any compromise on immigration would be a disaster and who in a time of war are beside themselves with rage over a bridge to nowhere in Alaska and were just sure that the average American felt the same damn way now thinks that Trent Lott is a disaster.

You know what? I think these people need to look at those results in that election and realize they were wrong about just about everything and then ask themselves why they should have the right to pick the leadership when truth be told they probably helped the Democrats more than the Republicans in this election.

The Democrats figured out that Kos might get lots of hits, but he is no good at reading the voting public and I think the same could be true from some of his right leaning counterparts. So perhaps they should take a break from criticizing Trent Lott and Mel Martinez and ask themselves, how could we have been so wrong?