No 'New Direction' needed unless it includes patience.

Thursday, November 16, 2006
I found myself getting fussed about the war and what to do, then Joe glowered and reminded me that Americans are impatient and I'm exhibiting the same signs. I huffed then took a nap. I woke up angry. Joe is correct.

I'm angry at the Democrats for using the war as a political means to regain power, the same with the press for assisting them. I'm angry at the sellouts among the Republicans, including Kristol--all those cowards who smelled a political problem and ran away or panicked and flailed around for some solution to end the war quickly when they know that's not possible.

The only people I'm not angry with are the real pacifists who do this anyway. Kucinich is Kucinich and always will be. A known quantity. Just as is Cindy Sheehan. It's all the wannabees that jump on the bandwagon when they think they can make ending Iraq into a political winner that disgust me.

Iraq will take time. Period. And all you phony 'but what about all those dead soldiers' whiners, come back when the casualties approach those in Vietnam.

And what makes me the most angry of all is the disregard of the real wishes of the Iraqi people. There are millions of Iraqis. There are only a few thousand using violence. And right there is the reason we should just take a deep breath, count to ten, then go back to watching our favorite tv shows and getting on with life.

Just like the Iraqis wish to do.

And leave the war to the professionals.


Pastorius said...

Even Viet Nam's casualties were small in comparison to WWI and WWII and the Civil War.

David Thomson said...

The deaths in Iraq comprise a minute fraction of deaths compared to many of America's earlier conflicts. A war historian would rightfully laugh at our naiveté. Moreover, if we chicken out in Iraq---we will almost certainly lose many more lives. Our enemies will be emboldened and a catastrophe will soon follow.

terrye said...

Syl, I agree. People like Kristol are mad because they think Rumsfled and Bush screwed up their nice easy little war. As if ther was suxh a thing.

I am hoping that the Irq Study Group will actually slow the momentum toward surrender. i know a lot of people hear the name Baker and think we are going back to realpolitick, but the truth is we never entirely left it. The idea was always that it is in the best interests of the United States to promote free governments. Now people can argue about what that means and if the Iraqis are going to be like us...etc but..they are not like us and they never will be. However, that does not mean that given time they can not produce a stable representative government.

In the outset of our country we had two main groups: loyalist and revolutionary and inside that we had subgroups such as north and south. We did not establish the parties that exist today until the 19th century and how many changes have they gone through since?

The Iraqis do not even have real political parties yet. They need to learn to forge alliances and coalitions and it will take time to break the habits of violence.

We still have problems with gangs in this country, there are still places where drug dealers intimidate people and rule whole neighborhoods. Why should the Iraqis be any more trusting?

So yes, just like that watched pot that never boils the people of the ME will never get it together so long as we are obsessing about every car bomb.

lurker said...

I am angry at the liberals that refuse to acknowledge and recognize the corruption seething through their own Democratic party.

I am angry at how the liberals treat the corrupted congressman.

If Nancy lobbies for Alcee and loses, then her role as the Speaker of the House will be limited to speaking roles. That's one of two things she is good at.

Rick Ballard said...

You might reserve some small smidgen of anger for the pigs who are refusing to attend choir practice. Perhaps a bit more for the piggy choir director who has been so busy writing excuses for those who refuse to attend.

There is a quite legitimate point of view that questions the cost of the lessons in view of the fact that there are no pig choirs in existence and that given the fact that they seem to have a learned aversion to singing the Swine Tabernacle Choir may never perform. A Porky Barbershop Quartet may be the best that can be done.

I don't recollect that giving singing lessons was the main purpose of the exercise to begin with.

Syl said...


Yes, I'm really really pissed at those who sat on their hands and let the Dems win.

Especially since the Dems believe they won, and won because of Iraq, when the Reps lost it due to corruption.

In the battle between 'don't reward bad behavior' and 'unintended consequences' the latter won, not to mention the bad behavior of the Dems was rewarded.