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Monday, November 13, 2006
The Rosett Report: November 09, 2006 (Archive): "If Congress is absolutely determined to reject the best UN ambassador the world has seen in about a quarter of a century — John Bolton — then the only alternative if President Bush wants to keep him is another recess appointment. For that, Bolton would have to work without pay. It’s enough to make a person want to suggest that if you really care about trying to do some good in the world via the UN, stop sending your kids out to collect for UNICEF, and start sending them out to collect donations to keep John Bolton in office. Bolton, from everything I have seen, is far more honest and competent on every level than UNICEF, any of the other UN agencies, or most of the senior staff walking the halls of the UN, let alone many of the UN ambassadors whose limos cruise the streets of New York."


lurker said...

So, Seneca, what do you think?

Barry Dauphin said...

I read in the WSJ that there is a work-around for this. Bush would not appoint a replacement, Bolten would go to ______ (I forgot where as I gave away my WSJ at the coffee shop this morning). He would then be assigned to the UN and essentially do the same thing.