Pew Joins WaPo

Sunday, November 05, 2006
All together now!

Row, row, row your polls, gently back upstream...

A favorite cliche thread to describe the "news" reporting over the next couple of days is in order. I'll start with:

"a totally unexpected last minute surge..."

BTW - Charlie Cook, Stuart Rothenberg and Larry Sabato are pathetic partisan hacks.

In case you hadn't noticed.

UPDATE: The Pew site is currently submerged. RCP has the results here. WaPo at 6 and Pew at 4. That's a 12 point move since yesterday's Newsweak poll and an 11 point move since yesterday's TIME.

Was it something I said?

2nd UPDATE: Digging a little I found this RCP generic synopsis - note that just before the '04 election Pew showed the Reps -4 and the WaPo -6.

Boy! Is that a coincidence or what?

3rd UPDATE: Gallups out at -7. Row, you bastards, break your backs, I want to hear bones popping like castanets. Bosun! Third row port outboard - give that slacker thirty to get his attention! Now row, damn your eyes!


terrye said...


Clarice linked to you over at AJ's.

How about Allen? Is he a goner?

Rick Ballard said...

The short answer is no, he's not in trouble. Although locking him in a closet 'til Tuesday afternoon wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.

Allen ran 17K votes light of the President in '00. The Reps added 279K votes in '04 and the Dems added 237K. Virginia ain't turning blue. The state went 54/46 R in '04. It would take a 100K shift for Webb to have a chance and a 1% lead = 30K votes.

John Lynch said...

Yes. This is entirely unexpected</sarcasm>. The pollsters, and soon the pundits, need to get inside the margin of actual results coming this Tuesday. If they don't, they endanger their breadbasket: future contracts to perform misleading polls and punditry.

Seneca the Younger said...

You know, the thing I can't figure out is why Sabato us treated as a non-partisan during the elections, when he's brought in and spoken of as a Democrat between elections.

Well, other than they apparently think that "non-partisan" means "Democrat" and "partisan" means "Republican."

Luther McLeod said...

Good work on this Rick. Though no one really the hell knows. I guess I shall get no sleep Tuesday night.

But, to StY, well that really is the crux is it not:

"non-partisan" means "Democrat" and "partisan" means "Republican."

The choices are rather simple. It is just that the MSM prefers to make those choices more nuanced and ambiguous.

There are no lines in their field of Grey. Socialist BS through and through. Though the fulfillment of their dreams would mean the end of us. And of them.

CF said...

The crosstabs in the Pew poll are discussed by Ed Morrissey--they are devastating to the D's..TNR is going nuts about them.

CF said...

Rove expressed optimism on Mich., too.