Steyn on Kerry and a question

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Mark Steyn has written a very entertaining article on the silly John Kerry and his relationship with the use of force.

But I have a question. Brad Ellsworth is poised to win the election in my district, and this guys is further to the right than I am. Where does this leave the Democrats? In an effort to win in areas like this they have found conservative candidates who support the use of force, are prolife, anti gun control, anti amnesty and believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. If they win the people who will take control of several key positions in the House do not share these views. Will there be a day of reckoning within the Democratic party between the Nancy Pelosis and the Brad Ellsworths?

Or is Brad feeding us a line of crap so that the rubes and hicks and hillbilly redstaters will vote for him?


Luther McLeod said...

Terrye, Betsy's Page points to Thomas Sowell who answers your question is some respects. A different type of voter fraud.

Knucklehead said...

Nuttin' new about bait and switch. Despite losing recent elections the Dem political machine is still in place and it still knows very well how to transfer enormous amounts of Other People's Money to the various wheels, gears, and cogs that make up the machine. They will control their own.

The only "day of reckoning" will be when, perhaps, the American people are finally handed the Promisory Note when The Machine comes to repo the farm.

David Thomson said...

Brad Ellsworth is likely a Democrat Pat Buchanan type. He will want to get our military out of Iraq and end our present free trade policies. Could I be wrong? Well, let’s hope so if he’s the probably victor.

The evil Karl Rove is reminding me to vote early and often. See you later.

chuck said...


So how is Ellsworth *not* a republican. Is he for withdrawal from Iraq? Medicare/SS? Something? Webb would be another of these sorts.

It could be the Democratic party starting to balance itself again. Amazing things happen when folks start to follow the market instead of ideologie. Or so I am told. Money and power are the universal solvents.

terrye said...


I wondered that too, but the thing is if he wins the people who will take over the leadership positions in that party hold views different from him on every major issue.

I think the question is, why is he a Democrat?