Armondo Appears At Althouse; Readership and Comments Go Through The Roof

Friday, November 04, 2005
Striking a civil tone, Armondo, Daily Kos's master of scatological snark, appears today defending himself on Althouse's erudite continuing discussion of Judge Alito's opinion on the Family Medical Leave Act in the Chittister case. Althouse had noted how Armondo had carved up a Kos Commenter and observed that he might not have had his legal analysis straight.

At about Noon, Armondo appeared in person, eschewing his usual invective, and defended his points on the merits. This appearance stimulated more discussion and readership for Althouse.

At this posting, there were 108 comments on the thread.

Just shows what a celebrity commenter can do.


flenser said...

I have to admit, I never heard of Armondo. But I see that our own humble blog has a thread below with over thirty comments.

vnjagvet said...

I hadn't either, Flenser. We actually have one with over 100.

If I could figure out how to tag a link, I would do so.

Like Althouse, we picked up a Kossack who went nuts and drew a gang of commenters.

flenser said...

Quality beats quantity anytime. Usually when you see a busy thread it means there is an obnoxious troll involved, and Armondo seems to fit the bill.

Roger Simon and The Belmont Club manage to have lenghty threads while maintaining high quality. Although it seems to happen less frequently these days.

terrye said...


Same here. never heard of the guy.

I guess I will have to get out more.

Peter UK said...

Armondo? I thought he was a hairdresser.

vnjagvet said...

Just to make clear. I am not recommending this. Only noting it. I hadn't heard of Armondo either until read the Althouse post this morning.

Rick Ballard said...


He's a Kossack who also comments and writes at Tacitus (or used to). Indefatigably tiresome and predictable.

Tom Maguire also has an interesting thread running.

I like Jamie's thread better.

ambisinistral said...


When in the comment area, go to the top of the comments area and click on the title of the thread (it appears in red). vThat will get you to a page showing the url and comments.

You can link to all sorts of posts that way, even historic ones.

flenser said...

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don't spend much time in the left side of the blogosphere. Reading Armondo's comments at Althouse tends to confirm my belief that I'm not missing out on much.

My own view is that there is sufficient diversity of viewpoints on the right, and even within this blog, that travelling over to Kos or TNR or similar sites is mostly a waste of time. What about the rest of you? Does anyone here frequent any sites on the other side of the aisle? If so, is it simply to gaze at the train-wreck, or do you find anything worthwhile?

flenser said...


I used to vist Maguire more, but it seems like its been all Plame, all the time for the past few months.

Rick Ballard said...


His work on Plame has generated so much traffic that I believe that it will have been a very good decision on his part. The post I linked to was not primarily Plame.

I don't visit any leftie sites. Life is too short and there is far too much good material available from center or right blogs.

David said...

Uhm, it's Armando.