Off With His Head?

Saturday, November 05, 2005
The US Senate committee investigating George Galloway on charges of taking bribes from Saddam Hussein has found that there is reasonable cause to believe that Galloway lied under oath, and has turned over the evidence to law-enforcement agencies in Britain and the US.

Both Republican and Democratic members of the committee announced that they had referred the report to the British authorities which had requested access to its evidence.

Now if the Senate can get around to investigating the lies of Joseph Wilson ....


David Thomson said...

George Galloway may have little to worry about if he remains outside of the United States. The British are too mired in political correctness to take him to task. My guess is that they will approach the evidence in a post modernist manner and conclude that it's impossible to ultimately prove anything.

Radical skepticism underpins post modernism. A moderate realists argues that all humans will die someday. The radical skeptic points out that you have never met everyone who has ever lived on this planet. Maybe there are people who have never died? How can you be absolutely sure?

flenser said...


The fact that law enforcement requested the data from the senate suggests to me that they are at least open to the idea of prosecution.

This is one of the rare instances where the politicians on our side have "pushed back", so I think we need to encourage them to do more of the same.

Peter UK said...

There is the small matter of £150,00 that Galloway got as a result of his libel case with the Telegraph newspaper.The Paper is appealing,no doubt the will be keen to get their hands on evidence of Galloway's perfidy,not to mention getting their money back.
The documents, which the Telegraph claimed were found in, IIRC, the Iraqi Oil ministry immediately after the fall of Baghdad directly implicate Galloway in the receipt of oil vouchers.These documents were never used in court and have been authenticated.
Are you familiar with a similar case involving Lord(Jeffrey)Archer? He was deemed to have perjured himself in another libel case,he was jailed,stripped of his title and his career in politics ruined.
It is much better Gorgeous George goes down as a conniving little spiv out to make a quick buck in Britain,rather than a political martyr,"sticking it to the man" "speaking truth to power" for dissembling to the Senate,an act which many will see perfectly justified.
Galloway's party,Respect is begining to crumble,defectors leaving publicly.There is also ill feeling that the man missed the vote on the controversial Terrorism Bill,which he is purported to have opposed,he was in Cork on a paid speaking engagement.
Lastly,but by no means least,if Galloway seeks the protection of the European Human Rights laws,the US will simply not get extradition granted.He will also don the mantle of Champion of Islam and quite frankly raise such a shit storm that the political fallout is not worth it.

Peter UK said...


terrye said...


I understand what you are saying. Really I do.

But if the bastard did this then we should not refuse to charge him just because he might get some mileage out of it.

If nothing else maybe it will keep the little s.o.b. out of my country. Unless he is in a jail cell.

Besides, we don't have the death penalty for theives and liars so I am not sure he could fight extradition.

David Thomson said...

“Are you familiar with a similar case involving Lord(Jeffrey)Archer?”

I am very well aware of the Jeffrey Archer episode. It’s probably, though, an apples to oranges comparison. Galloway’s comrades want his problems to disappear. You seem to be too optimistic concerning Great Britain’s willingness to face reality. Your nation's peculiar libel laws are highly destructive. They allow you little opportunity to save yourselves. I thank God that America has the First Amendment. We, at least, have a decent chance to combat the post modernist zeitgeist.

Peter UK said...

Galloway committed the very serious offence of perjury here a long time before he lied to the Senate.
Two points.
One,If Galloway is found guilty here,he will be politically defanged,charge him when he comes out of prison.
Two,Americans simply do not understand the Human Rights Laws that Blair has signed us up to,there is not a hope in Hell that a Court here will grant extradition if it runs contrary to those laws.
Laws, I might add, that leave so much wriggle room for defendants,that we can't even deport psychopaths.
If you want the embarrasment of a European judge classing you with some Third World Dictatorship,fine,but refusing extradition because Galloway might be subjected to "cruel,degrading,inhuman,unusual" treatment,denied "privacy" a "Family life" or any one of the thousand and one "rights" citizens of the EU have awarded themselves,is not going to be good for the US or the WoT.

If Galloway comes voluntarily he will be coming for the sole reason of causing trouble.Are there not enough political trials going on at this time,how much of a good name will the Bush administration have after it all?
How much shit and fan does it take to end up with a Democratic President.
Is suspect that not a few senators have a different agenda to the administration,would Carl Levin care if the ordure landed on Bush,and ordure there will be? Levin can only look good in this affair.

One final question why was Galloway's offer accepted,he is a small fry in the OFF? If you look at his history ,it is obvious that he would have supported Saddam Hussein for idiological reasons.
Where are the big boys,the ones who got the billions?

Peter UK said...

"I am very well aware of the Jeffrey Archer episode. It’s probably, though, an apples to oranges comparison. Galloway’s comrades want his problems to disappear."

No it isn't!
Galloway's comrades,"Yer Wot?" Galloway was thrown out of the Labour party for seditious remarks made at the height of the Iraq war.Most here would have happily seen him jailed for treason.

Galloway got backing from Dr Mohammed Nasseem,chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque,formerly the Saddam Hussein Mosque,and the extreme left Socialist Workers Party to form his independant party Respect.Galloway managed to oust the Labour candidate for Bethnall green and Bow in the last election.Labour hate him more than Democrats hate Republicans.
We all have peculiar laws David ,I think that indicting someone by a grand jury without representation is unjust.
The libel laws are odd,but in effect nobody gets sued that doesn't have money.
The First Amendment is admirable,but is also allows lying swine like

Galloway to throw mud about.
We are facing reality,the reality of a backbench parliamentary nonentity,who we regarded as somewhat of a joke,albeit a troublemaker,being turned into public enemy number one by a Senate hearing.
And please,remember that Galloway first committed an offence in Britain,we do have a right to try our own citizens.