Day Three

Friday, February 24, 2006
I thought giving up the evil tobacco weed was hard...but I am on day 3 without cable news, instapundit, powerline, or LGF or Malkin. Cold turkey. I actually watched Claudette Colbert in Cleopatra last night. Very daring for 1934. When I was a kid Colbert was the kind of woman I wanted to grow up to be. Oh well.

It seems to me that some of my favorite blogs have become what they say they despise. Big Media. And it seems that big media has become a joke.

So I said enough, is enough. I need some perspective. I am going to see how regular people who do not have an obsessive need to know what is going on everywhere... right now.... this It is liberating.

I am beginning to see why US Senators tend to be so arrogant, self important and eogotistical...they start to believe their own spin.

Perspective is a good thing.


Papa Ray said...

When your raising a almost 5 y/o GrandDaughter like I am, the place you go is the internet so you can have some interface with adults and get your news and watch videos that are not aimed at kids.

Once in a while I visit some old friends that can put up with children or they come by (but they don't stay long.)

I might be one of the few ol' men in the world that knows what is coming on Nick Jr or the Disney channel at any time or has a childrens video collection that cost more than my car.

I'm too poor and ol' and ugly to get a wife or girlfriend and going out is out of the question. I'm not Mr. MoM, I'm Mr. MoM, Mr. Dad, Mr. Papa and homemaker delux.

Now that will take all your perspective and trash it totally.

So...Enjoy yourself.

Papa Ray
West Texas

terrye said...

papa ray:

Hey but I bet the little girl loves you. I adored my grandfathers, both of them.

Is there someplace on the internet you can go to meet other folks in your same situation? There are a lot of grandparents raising their grandkids these days.

vnjagvet said...


You have always done a great job putting things into common-sensical perspective.

Now, with some added distance, I am sure you will be even more level-headed.

truepeers said...

Yep, tobacco's got nothing like the hold of the internet. SO good it's bad. Best wishes,