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Monday, February 27, 2006
Thanks to Jim Miller on Politics I was clued into what seems a very interesting blog called Brainster. In particular, have a look at this little debunking of the Dem/American Prospect/Krugman (aka the NYT) claims regarding the funneling of Indian Casino money to politicians: Taking another whack at Jack.

Refering to the American Prospect's alleged "independent investigation", The Brainster brings us:

At the same time, two of those four tribes -- Saginaw and Chitimacha -- saw their giving to Democrats drop or remain static.

But when you looked at the information on the Saginaw tribe, it said:

1) Tribe: Saginaw Chippewa (Michigan)
Pre-Abramoff contributions to Dems (1991 - 9/2000): $371,250
Post-Abramoff contributions to Dems (9/2000 - 2003): $191,960

Okay, so pre-Abramoff the Saginaw Chippewa gave $371,250 to the Democrats over about 9 years, that's a little over $41,000 per year, while post Abramoff, they gave the Democrats $191,960 over three years, that's $64,000 per year.

So to the American Prospect, going from $41,000 per year to $64,000 per year--a 50% increase in donations from that tribe per year to the Democrats--means that tribe "saw their giving to Democrats drop or remain static."

But it gets better.
Indeed, it does get better. Read the whole thing. Poke around in the blog. I think I like this Brainster character.


terrye said...

It seems these people lack basic math skills.

Reminds me of once when I was in a bus stop in St. Louis many years ago and some grifter wanted change for a ten. The next thing I knew I had lost five bucks.

Pat said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog, Knucklehead. Are you the same guy who posts comments on Roger Simon's blog? I post over there under my real name, Pat Curley.