One more on the kerfluffle

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
John Podhoretz asks:
If, during his vice presidency, Al Gore had gone out hunting, had shot someone during the hunt, and had failed to make the incident public for 18 hours, what would conservatives have said and thought? Now be honest when you answer this question. You don't need to answer me. Just answer yourself.

I'll answer him none the less: I'm sure that some conservatives would be making a big fuss about it. They would still be idiots.


terrye said...

Oh come on, we all know about this now and we will be hearing about it for God only knows how long.

Remember the whole mining thing and how screwed up it all got because the press and a lot of other people said too much too soon?

As for the whole Gore thing, I don't know if that is true or not. I think the conservative press might have acted like dumbasses, after all they are press...but most people wouldn't have been that upset about it.

After all Clinton had been groping women for years and nobody made a big deal out of it until he got caught in a lie so why would they get upset if it took a day to get some information like this? These guys are just trying to justify going off the Deep End again.

flenser said...

I don't get this whole "failed to make the incident public for 18 hours" thing.

Is there some legal requirment that a shooting accident be made known to the national press within a period of less than 18 hours?

As for Pod's question; if Gore had been involved in a simliar incident the press would have given it a paragraph on page B12 and not worried about this made up 18 hour deadline. And everyone in the world knows it.

RogerA said...

John Podhoretz does have a point, except in my case, I am smart enough to know what a hunting accident is--cant speak for the rest of the country.

Seneca the Younger said...

Yeah, Roger, I think that's the real point: it's not political polarity, it's city folks vs. country folks.

terrye said...


How long did it take to get out Vince Foster's suicide note? It was more than a day.

I don;t get it either, when all is said and done it will not matter in the least. They are just pissed that a young reporter at a small paper in Texas got the scoop on them.

Egotistical parasites.

loner said...

"...the quail were nesting and similar matters of international import."

David Thomson said...

I never even for one moment thought that Vince Foster was murdered. This wild rumor seemed totally laughable to me. I also defended Hillary Clinton regarding her profitable cattle futures trades. What would I have said about Al Gore had he accidentally shot another hunter with bird shot? I’m sure I would shrugged my shoulders and say that it wasn’t a big deal.

"if Gore had been involved in a simliar incident the press would have given it a paragraph on page B12 and not worried about this made up 18 hour deadline."

I agree completely. This story would have rightfully been buried in the back pages of Section C.