Good news from Iraq

Friday, February 24, 2006
... both O'Reilly and Geraldo are panicking. Things must be looking up.


David Thomson said...

“Things must be looking up.”

Iraq passed an important test. The destruction of the Shia holy place did not bring down the government. No civil war is imminent. The Iraqi people want their government to succeed.

terrye said...

These guys are always panicking.

And of course there the folks like mark [who just got zapped] who sit with one hand in their pants and the other on a keyboard in happy anticipation of blood and mayhem.

I wonder if they want to put Saddam back in power yet? I think the guy who used to skin people alive for him is no more. But I am sure Saddam could find someone new for the job.

Truth is this is going to be a long slow process and while Zarqawi, and Sadr and much of the Bushbashing anti war movement are hoping it will fail the Iraqi people will in the end be the ones who decide what the future of Iraq will be.

Syl said...

Actually Sadr is calling for calm too. What I see as the problem now is that there has to be good security to stop the low level violence going on. If people think they're not being protected by their government, more militias will be formed and used.

That is what i see as a possible problem which could keep this thing festering for years.

I don't see the Iraqi's going berserk and total anarchy breaking out.

In fact I saw video of a huge demonstration in Baghdad and I thought 'uh oh' until they said they were calling for an end to the violence and for unity and were blaming al Qaeda.

Don't write these people off yet. (Though idiots like Mark never ever saw their worth at all.)

Another demonstration among Sadr followers was also calling for calm and unity--but they were blaming the occupiers. ;)

You know, that's okay. They still want thier Iraq.